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Online Payment Center

The Online Payment Center is a central location where students can see their student account balance, tuition and fee charges, create a real-time billing statement, make payments, authorize others to see and make payments on their student account, as well as sign up for e-refunds. It is available 24/7 by going to and clicking on the Online Payment Center tile.

Payment Options and Due Dates

Pay in Full

Students may pay the semester balance in full minus any expected financial aid. Payments must be made before the payment plan deadline. If not paid in full by this time, the student will be administratively enrolled in a payment plan per university policy and late fees will stand.

Payment Plans

Students who are unable or do not want to pay in full by the first payment due date for the semester can enroll in an interest-free monthly payment plan which spreads payments over the length of the semester.

  • Students who do not pay their balance in full will be administratively enrolled in a monthly payment plan.
  • All payments are due on the 15th. Missed and payments made after the 17th of each month will be charged a nonrefundable $50 Late Payment Fee for each missed or late payment.
  • The monthly payment will take into account any expected financial aid to be received if the student’s financial aid application is complete.
  • Monthly payments will adjust based on changes to the student's account balance.
  • Students can enroll in a plan by going to the Online Payment Center.

Payment Plan Due Dates

SemesterTraditional UndergraduateDegree Completion/Graduate
FallAugust 15August 15
 September 15September 15
 October 15October 15
 November 15November 15
 December 15 
SpringJanuary 15January 15
 February 15February 15
 March 15March 15
 April 15April 15
 May 15 
SummerJune 1May 15
 June 15June 15
 July 1July 15
 July 15 
 August 1 

Payment Methods

Students and Authorized Users (third-parties) are encouraged to make payments online through the Online Payment Center.

Student account payments by cash, e-checks (ACH), paper checks, and money orders, as well as international money transfers, are accepted at no charge. In-person payments by cash, paper check and money order are accepted by the Cashier.

Fresno Pacific has contracted with TouchNet PayPath, a third-party company, to provide fee-based online credit and debit card processing services for tuition and fees charged to the student account. Visa, MasterCard, Discover (including JCB, Diners Pay & China Union Network), and American Express as well as Visa and MasterCard branded debit cards are accepted for payment. All student account credit and debit card transactions will incur a 2.85% non-refundable service fee (with the minimum fee being $3.00). See our credit and debit card FAQ for more information. Security measures require that all credit and debit card payments be made online, including those conducted by a third party; phone and in-person credit and debit card payments are no longer accepted. Please note, however, that Colorado students cannot use this service due to state law.

View Credit & Debit card FAQ


Log-in to and use the Online Payments tile to use your banking account and routing number to set up direct deposit to receive any student account credits issued. eRefunds are a safe and effective way to receive your funds without having to take a trip to the bank.

View instructions for signing up

Authorized Users

Students have the ability to set up Third Parties to be able to log in to an FPU Student Account to make payments online and/or view official billing statements. Only the student has the ability to set up a Third Party as an Authorized User, and the student does this through the Online Payment Center. Visit MyFPU to log in as an Authorized User if the student has already given you access.

View instructions for adding an Authorized User

Mailing Checks

Checks can be mailed to Fresno Pacific on behalf of a particular student. Be sure the student's name and Student ID Number accompanies the check, and mail it to the following address:

Fresno Pacific University
ATTN: Student Financial Services
1717 S. Chestnut Avenue
Box 2004
Fresno, CA 93702

Payment Responsibility

Students who register for courses offered by the university are obligated for the payment of tuition and fees associated with those courses. Failure to cancel registration prior to the first week of the semester financially obligates the student for the cost of tuition and any fees associated with the course regardless of student attendance or participation in a course. All requests for refunds or withdrawal will be processed according to the Refund Schedules in the current Academic Catalog.

Fresno Pacific may withhold permission to register or to receive diplomas or other services offered by FPU from anyone owing fees or another debt to FPU. If a person believes he or she does not owe all or part of an asserted unpaid obligation, that person may contact his or her student financial advisor. Student accounts, or another office on campus to which student accounts may refer that person, will review all pertinent information and will advise that person of its conclusions.

Additional Information

The information above is a summary of Fresno Pacific University’s payment and student account policies. Further information about these policies and more can be found in the Costs and Financial Aid Section in the current Academic Catalog.