Online Payment Center Frequently Asked Questions

Fresno Pacific University offers free online account access as the primary means of providing students with the most up-to-date information 24 hours a day. You will be able to gain access to real-time account information, obtain and print out statements and account history, enroll in a payment plan, and make payments online using a credit card or electronic check. Please note that students who want to have a print out of their account must access that information online via the Online Payment Center as the student accounts office is no longer printing and sending statements on a monthly basis.

What is the Online Payment Center?

The Online Payment Center is a vendor utilized by Fresno Pacific University that enables students to gain access to not only set up payment plans but also to view account status, print statements and view account history at anytime of the day. You can also authorize users to view your account and make payments in the same way.

What are the benefits and advantages of using the Online Payment Center?

The benefits of Online Payment Center are:

  • Fast - You gain immediate access to real-time information.
  • Secure - You pay online using a credit card or electronic check knowing your information is safe and secure with industry leading security features.
  • Convenient - You or authorized users have access to your account information to make payments or review your account from the convenience of your own home anywhere, anytime.
  • Inexpensive - Payment plans can be an inexpensive alternative to a student loan. Help your family budget by spreading the cost of tuition and fees over the course of the semester.

Am I required to set up a payment plan?

Yes, it is a requirement of the university to set up a payment plan every semester. You will be enrolled into a payment plan if your semester balance is not paid in full by the given deadlines through Campus Cruiser.  You may contact your Student Accounts Manager if you have any questions, and they will be happy to assist you.

Why don't I see my financial aid applied to my account yet?

All financial paperwork must be submitted and processed before you will see it on your student account.You will not be able to view financial aid until it is actually applied to your account. If you do not see it, please contact our office at 559-453-2041 or email

Can I set up automatic withdrawal? How do I set it up?

Yes, we encourage students and authorized users to set up automatic withdrawal. You can have funds taken out of your checking account or charged to your credit card. Once you are enrolled into a payment plan you will have the option to schedule monthly payments to be deducted from the account that was set up as your saved payment method. If you have questions, please contact the Student Financial Services Office or your student accounts manager.

How can I change the account that is set up on automatic withdrawal?

You must log on and delete your current payment method and reschedule the payments with your new account information.

Does the university charge for payment plan services?

Our payment plans are offered at no cost and are interest free. By university policy, students who do not enroll themselves into a payment plan will be administratively enrolled and late fees will stand.

How do I set up automatic deposit if I'm going to receive a credit balance check?

Please go to or through Campus Cruiser/My Services/Online Payment Center and log in to your account. Click on the eRefunds tab in the quick view section. Then you can go to your payment profile and set up automatic deposit of your credit balance check. 

May I still request a paper statement?

All students will receive automatic statements to your Campus Cruiser. Printed statements can be obtained by logging into student account suite and by selecting the month that you would like to print. If your employer is requesting a more detailed statement, you may contact your Student Accounts Manager and request one. Please note that there may possibly be up to a two week waiting period before one can be sent.

Can other people access my account online?

Yes they can, if you give them access to your account by adding them as an authorized user. You may add as many people as you would like. This gives them access to only account information.

What is an authorized user, why is it important to have them, and what is the process of adding one?

An authorized user is someone that might be making payments to the school on your behalf. When you add an authorized user, they will only be able to view account information and be able to set up a payment plan on your behalf. You may add as many authorized users as desired.

If you would like to add someone to view your account, log-in to the Online Payment Center through Campus Cruiser/My Services/Online Payment Center and under "My Account" click on the authorized users tab. Once you have done this, click "add user" and place the email address of whomever you would like to have access to only your account information and it will email that address with a case sensitive password. From there they will have the same access as the student does.

If I don't feel comfortable paying my bill online, how can I pay my bill?

You may pay your bill by delivering payment to the cashier window in McDonald Hall, mailing a check, or calling the cashier at 559-453-5586. Make checks payable to Fresno Pacific University, attn. Cashier, and please include the student name/ID in the memo section. FPU accepts all major credit cards.

Mailing information:

  • Fresno Pacific University
  • McDonald Hall - Cashier
  • 1717 S. Chestnut Ave.
  • Fresno, CA 93702

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have student account questions, please feel free to contact your Student Accounts Manager below.

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Graduate, Seminary and VA:

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