Admission to the University

Applicants with disabilities should complete FPU’s admission process. Each application will be evaluated without discrimination. A student may choose to self-disclose a disability during the admission process, but such disclosure is not required nor is it penalized. 

Registering for Services

  • Students with already diagnosed disabilities must fill out registration and confidentiality forms.
  • Forms are available from the Academic Support Center (ASC) in Marpeck 105, regional campus offices or by contacting Melinda Gunning at 559-453-2247 or
  • Return forms to:
Academic Support Center, Marpeck 105
Fresno Pacific University
1717 S. Chesnut Ave.
Fresno, CA  93702
Fax: 453-2007
  • You must include documentation of diagnosis by a qualified professional or an IEP from previous school. All documentation should be recent, within the last three years.
  • Documentation will indicate what accommodations are required and will be negotiated by the director.
  • The director will keep files of student documentation and needs.
  • Only the information that is necessary to communicate required accommodation will be shared with relevant faculty or the degree completion program director each semester.
  • The director will collaborate with faculty on how accommodations should be provided.
  • Students already registered in a previous semester must check in with the director each semester.

Providing Documentation/Assessments

  • Assessments must be current (within the past 3 years generally).
  • For learning disabilities, documentation from a qualified professional in the area of the disability (i.e. psychologist, physician or educational diagnostician) is required.
  • For physical or other disabilities, documentation is required from a physician or other qualified professional. Other documents that may be helpful include:
    • A transcript,
    • An Individual Education Plan (504 plan) if available,
    • Any other relevant information that would assist in providing appropriate services and accommodations.
  • The student is responsible for all costs associated with assessment and documentation. FPU does not have services for providing diagnosis or evaluation of disabilities. Please contact the director for suggestions for assessment services.

We encourage students with disabilities to contact the director of Academic Support Services to discuss academic and other needs before the beginning of their first semester or as soon as they are diagnosed with a disability. Once documentation is on file, arrangements for reasonable accommodations can be made.

Students' names and the nature of disabilities will be kept confidential, except in cases where the information is vital to providing services and/or accommodations requested by a student.