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Our certificate in Mennonite Brethren studies provides you with an orientation to the Mennonite Brethren church and its Anabaptist heritage. It is designed for pastors who are being credentialed by the MB denomination as well as students who are interested in their own personal enrichment. The focus is on biblical theology with an evangelical Anabaptist orientation. 

Composed of courses designed by a team of Mennonite Brethren scholars, our curriculum has been approved by MB leaders for orientation to the church. The faculty teaches in a personal and hands-on manner and the certificate can be completed fully online.


  • Purposeful community of learners and leaders
  • Experienced and published faculty
  • Faculty who take great interest in student academic success
  • Anabaptist focused coursework and experiences
  • Option to study in Israel each summer
  • Option to attend the Hispanic Summer Program
  • Fully online program with some coursework offered in person
  • Fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • The Mennonite Distance Education Scholarship covers 100% of the online program for active members of Mennonite Brethren churches
  • 25% discount for Mennonite, Mennonite Brethren, and BIC church members and 75% additional discount for Mennonite Brethren Church Members and Attenders.

Program director

Lynn Jost, Ph.D.
Lynn Jost, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, Old Testament, Director of the Center for Anabaptist Studies


Mark Baker
Mark Baker, Ph.D.

Professor of Mission and Theology

Tim Geddert, Ph.D.
Tim Geddert, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, New Testament

Valerie Rempel, Ph.D.
Valerie Rempel, Ph.D.

Vice President, Dean of the Seminary, Associate Professor, J.B. Toews Chair of History and Theology

FPU Seminary Portrait
Brian Ross, D.Min.

Associate Professor, Program Director, Christian Ministry, Master of Divinity & Ministry Leadership and Culture

Admission requirements

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Course listing

Required Courses (9 Units)

Mennonite Brethren Studies (6 Units)

HIST 716The Evangelical Anabaptist Story3
THEO 760Evangelical Anabaptist Confessions of Faith3

Evangelical Anabaptist Studies (3 Units)

Choose one course

BIB 720The Church and God’s Mission in the World3
THEO 730Discipleship and Ethics
Must be taken as a 3 unit course
2 - 3
BIB 750Old Testament Theology
Must be taken as a 3 unit course
BIB 752New Testament Theology
Must be taken as a 3 unit course
TBAEvangelical Anabaptist Mission and Evangelism3

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