The Stories Behind the Names: A guide to facility names at Fresno Pacific University

Most of the buildings and other facilities on the campus of Fresno Pacific University are named after individuals, families, groups of people, or historic places. These names are drawn from three main sources.

First are those facilities named for persons or places significant in the history of the sixteenth-century Anabaptist movements in Europe. All Mennonite groups, including the Mennonite Brethren, are spiritual descendants of the Anabaptists and trace many of their theological ideas and values to that tradition.

Second are those facilities named after people who provided major funding for the facility's purchase or construction, or who have supported the university more generally over the years.

The third group of names honor university faculty members and administrators who played a major role in shaping the institution.

A few buildings on campus are named simply for their location or function.

AIMS Hall North Hall
Alumni Hall PBI Court
Bartsch Hall Sattler Hall
East Hall Seminary House
Ecklund Park Special Events Center
Hiebert Library Steinert Athletic Complex
Holman Park

Steinert Campus Center
McDonald Hall Strasbourg Quad
Marpeck Center Wiebe Education Center
Memorial Prayer Chapel Witmarsum Quad
Mission Memorial Court Apartments