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Spiritual Formation

"Spiritual Formation" is woven through academic programs, residence and commuter life, Student Government Association, campus clubs and organizations, and all other programs and university gatherings. As a Christ-centered University, we seek to continually be made aware of and participate in God's transformative love.

While we are rooted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite Brethren tradition, FPU is comprised of diverse faith backgrounds. Therefore, we strive to be a place of radical inclusion for all, whether you identify with a specific stream of Christian faith, if you are unsure what role spirituality plays in your life, or even if you hold convictions that differ from historic Christianity.

College Hour

College Hour brings the FPU community together to learn, celebrate, grow, and worship. We gather at different times throughout the week to examine faith and life issues and to experience cultural and spiritual enrichment in the context of the Christian faith. As a central part of FPU life, College Hour attendance is required of all undergraduate students, beginning with the Freshman class in the Fall of 2024.

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College Hour Gatherings

Wednesday: Chapel

On Wednesdays at 10 AM, the FPU community gathers for Chapel in the Mainstage located in the Warkentine Culture and Arts Center. This is a time of worship through contemporary music and Bible-centered teaching and preaching with our campus community. Our theme for the 2024-2025 school year is “All Things New”, taken from the declaration God makes in Revelation 21:5.

Thursday: Connect

On Thursdays at 1 PM, students are encouraged to gather for Connect in the Black Box Theater located in the Warkentine Culture and Arts Center. Connect gives space for guest speakers and experts to address issues important to the lives of students in ways that build community and broaden perspectives. Topics include mental health, student wellness and success, politics, religion, philosophy, cultural celebrations, and more.

Friday: Capax Dei

On Fridays at 10 AM, the FPU community is encouraged to participate in Capax Dei, which takes place in the Black Box Theater located in the Warkentine Culture and Arts Center. Translated “capacity for God”, Capax Dei provides a contemplative atmosphere that includes guided prayer, scripture reading, and common liturgies.

Affinity Groups (Various meeting times and locations)

Students are also encouraged to connect outside of the weekly College Hour schedule. Affinity groups are smaller gatherings that unite students around a shared identity based on culture, gender, and ethnicity.


Photo of Lena Vang

Lena Vang

BA in Social Work, Graduate 2014

My friend said to me she understood why I was interested in Jesus; that I was motivated by social justice, peace and working with the poor, just like him. I'd never heard it said that made sense. I'm really focused on what it's like to be like Christ every day.