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College Hour

College Hour meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00 a.m.

The purpose of College Hour is to learn, celebrate, and worship as a whole community through music, the arts, and public discourse. While this time together might include elements typical of a Chapel service, College Hour also offers the opportunity for the FPU community to gather to examine faith and life issues, to experience cultural and spiritual enrichment in the context of the Christian faith.

All Traditional Undergraduate Students are eligible to receive .5 units of credit each semester for participating in 14 College Hour events or gatherings. Please read the updated College Hour Policy below for information on how to receive College Hour credit.

Current College Hour Schedule

Chapel DatesSpeaker
8/23/23Brian Davis | Campus Chaplain
8/30/23Fall Convocation (in the Special Events Center)
9/6/23Dr. Sophia Magallanes | Biblical & Theological Studies
9/13/23Joe White | Neighborhood Church, Fresno
9/20/23TJ Jennings | Reedley College
9/27/23St. Paul Catholic Newman Center
10/4/23Emma Ceja | Northpointe Community Church
10/11/23Debie Thomas | Believer’s Church Lectureship
10/18/23Mid-Term Break – No Chapel
10/25/23Student Stories
11/1/23Cecil Ramos | Thailand Missionary, Multiply
11/8/23Dr. Pamela Johnston | History
11/15/23Connie Nicholson | Transforming Community
11/22/23Thanksgiving Break – No Chapel
11/29/23Dr. Ron Herms | Dean of Humanities, Religion & Social Sciences
12/6/23Dr. Andre Stephens | University President
Chirp DatesTopic
8/25/23Feeling Anxious? | On-Site Counseling
9/1/23Pastries & Planners | Intercultural Learning Center
9/8/23Design & Innovation | International Programs & Services Offices
9/15/23Suicide Awareness | On-Site Counseling
9/22/23SGA: Who Are We? | Student Government Association
9/29/23Privilege Walk | Intercultural Learning Center
10/6/23Red Flags in Relationships | Marjaree Mason Center
10/13/23Green Flags in Relationships | On-Site Counseling
10/20/23Mid-Term Break – No Chirp
10/27/23Listening Session | Student Government Association
11/3/23Celebrar Dia de los Muertos | Intercultural Learning Center
11/10/23Church Hurt | The Reclaim
11/17/23Top 10 Tips to a Healthy Plate | On-Site Counseling
11/24/23Thanksgiving Break – No Chirp
12/1/23Burnout | On-Site Counseling
12/8/23Paint & Process | Office of Spiritual Formation

 College Hour Policy

Each semester, all traditional undergraduate students can opt-in to receive a half unit of College Hour credit. To receive credit, students must complete the following:

  • Register for College Hour (CHR-240).
  • Download the iAttended App and sign in with their FPU email address.
  • Successfully attend a minimum of 14 College Hour events.

Once you have signed into iAttended and confirmed your FPU email address, you will see all opportunities to receive College Hour credit. Students are responsible for scanning into each event and tracking their attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who leads College Hour programming?

The Office of Spiritual Formation (OSF) provides oversight for College Hour and welcomes collaboration from various departments, student groups and community members for spiritual formation opportunities. The OSF staff is available to all members of the FPU community for prayer, counsel, and conversation.

Q. Do I have to register to participate in College Hour programming?

All students are welcome to participate in College Hour programming and events without registering for the course. Any student who wishes to receive College Hour credit must register for the course.

Q. How do I register for College Hour?

Students will register for College Hour (CHR-240) on Sunbird Central. This does not require advisor approval and can be completed at any point in the semester. The course is added without any additional costs or increases in tuition.

Q. How can I stay updated with the College Hour schedule?

The College Hour schedule is posted on the FPU website, listed in Moodle and updated weekly in iAttended. Any changes to the College Hour schedule will be communicated through these channels.

Q. How do I get credit for attending?

College Hour events take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 a.m., however additional programming may be offered at other times. To receive College Hour credit, please follow the steps below:

  • Download iAttended from your mobile app store.
  • Sign in with your FPU email address ending in If another email address is used, you will not be able to view or subscribe to events.
  • When attending each event, you will find a QR or event code that must be scanned or entered via the iAttended app. This will capture your attendance, which will be received by the Office of Spiritual Formation.

Q. I don't have a smart phone and can't access the app. Can I still register and receive credit?

Students who are unable to download the app can still receive College Hour credit. Please visit and use your FPU email address (ending in to sign in. After attending an event, you will need to remember the event code and enter it online to receive credit. Please email with additional questions.

Q. If I'm registered, how many College Hour programs am I required to attend to receive credit?

Registered students who attend 14 College Hour events in a semester will receive 1/2 unit of academic credit for the semester. Students must arrive on time and stay for the entire event. Registered students who attend fewer than 14 events will receive a grade of No Credit (NC) on their transcripts. The last day of classes is the last day to accumulate College Hour credit for any fall or spring semester (not the last day of final exams). Notice of the last day to fulfil the requirements will be included in regular College Hour communications.

Q. I've registered for College Hour but decided that I no longer want to participate. Can I drop it?

College Hour will follow the university's policy regarding drop dates. For more information, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Q. Can I receive College Hour credit by viewing the recordings online?

When possible, College Hour events are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube page. Students who view these recordings in lieu of attending events in person will not be eligible to receive College Hour credit unless previous accommodations have been set up with our Disability Access and Education Office. Please email with additional questions.

Q. What if I don't get credit for a College Hour I attended?

Students must track their participation on iAttended and have 1 week to notify the Office of Spiritual Formation of any missed event scans. If a College Hour event is missing from a student's report, that student must email us at As we verify our records, you will be asked to provide:

  • The event date and time.
  • The speaker's name.
  • A brief summary of the event and topic that was discussed.

Any missing College Hour events that are not reported within one week will not receive credit. In that case, the student would need to attend another College Hour event.