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On-Campus Housing for Undergraduates

Fresno Pacific University offers four housing styles for students: modules, suites, apartments, and houses. To explore more specific housing arrangements and find out which options are available to you, please select your class from the drop down below.

Freshman housing

Freshman living areas are called modules. Modules are living areas made up of spacious traditional-style rooms which offer a small community feel. Each room houses two students and has access to a centrally located living room which is a great place for studying, playing games, and building close relationships.

Each room provides or has access to:

  • high-speed internet access
  • a bed
  • desk
  • hutch or bookshelves
  • desk chair
  • dresser
  • a wardrobe for each resident
  • wireless internet
  • community living room
  • nearby laundry facilities
Jost Hall Modules
Roommates in Jost Hall living room

Jost Hall is the tallest building on campus and home to the newest modules. South side rooms have a great view of all the activities on the campus green, and the city lights give north side rooms a view at night. A Jost Hall module typically has nine double-occupancy rooms and is predominantly housed by freshmen. Each room has its own bathroom. Fully handicapped-accessible rooms are available.

Jost Hall Map

Jost Hall Map
Strasbourg Modules
Exterior view of Strasbourg Modules

Strasbourg Modules are two-story buildings with 12 double-occupancy rooms situated around a common living room and 3-4 large communal bathrooms. Their central location between the library, cafeteria, student lounge, and Charlottes Coffee Corner keeps students in the middle of campus life.

Strasbourg Modules Map

Strasbourg Hall map

Sophomore housing

Sophomores live in modules and villages. Villages are similar to modules, with living areas made up of multiple connected buildings and a quad, creating a sense of community. Quads feature barbecue grill set-ups, outdoor seating, and green space.

Nachitgall & Warkentine Villages
Strasbourg Quad

These two villages are in Witmarsum Quad on the south side of campus. Each living area has approximately six double-occupancy rooms and two large communal bathrooms. They are located between the art department, Aims Hall (math & sciences), and Kriegbaum Hall (computer lab & laundry). Kriegbaum Hall also houses junior and senior students on the main two floors.

Nachtigall Hall Villages Map

Nachtigall Hall map

Warkentine Hall Villages Map

Warkentine Hall map
Krause & Schlichting Villages
Strasbourg quad view

These two villages are in Strasbourg Quad in the center of campus. Each living area has approximately six double-occupancy rooms and two large communal bathrooms. They are located near the library, the Strasbourg Modules, and the Office of Spiritual Formation.

Krause Hall Map

Krause Hall Map

Schlichting Hall Map

Schlichting Hall map

Junior & Senior housing


Suites are living areas made up of five rooms. Each suite is equipped with wireless internet, a community living room, two community-style bathrooms, a full recreational kitchen, and has access to nearby laundry facilities. 

Kriegbaum Apartments
Witmarsum Quad

These apartments are located in Witmarsum Quad on the south side of campus and are called home to 3 students each. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, one communal bathroom, a full kitchen, and a living room space. They are nearest to the student game room, Student Life office, and the cafeteria.

Kriegbaum Hall Apartments Map

Kriegbaum Hall map
Jost Hall Apartments
Roommates helping each other move in

These apartments are located on the top two floors of Jost Hall and are called home to 4 students each. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a living room space. They are nearest to the fitness center, gym, commuter lounge, and are across the green from the cafeteria & Student Life building. 

Jost Hall Map

Jost Hall Map
Willow Gardens Apartments
Exterior view of a Willow Gardens apartment

These apartments are located ½ a block east of the main campus and are called home to 3-4 students each. Each apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, DirecTV service, and a living room space. They are located near the soccer field, track, baseball field, & tennis courts. These apartments are spread throughout a retirement community and offer gated parking on the Southside of the complex. Applications for the Willow Gardens apartments are approved based on merit. Only students with no conduct cases and who have a G.P.A. of at least 2.5 are considered. 

Willow Gardens Housing Map

Willow Gardens map
Exterior view of a house

These houses are located on the north-central side of campus and have the capacity to hold 6-8 students each. Each home has at least two full bathrooms, a full kitchen, DirecTV service, and a living room. The university has purchased the majority of the houses on the city block and made them available as student housing. Additionally, the backyard fences have been removed to transform the individual back yards into a large open community space. 

Houses Map

Map of houses

Campus Amenities & Services

Housing Application and Deposit
To apply to housing, complete this form and submit a $200 Housing Deposit.
Amenities Provided by Housing
  1. Common Area furniture
    1. Underclassmen Spaces: couches, coffee table, TV, microwave
    2. Upperclassmen Spaces: dining table and chairs, refrigerators, microwave, large kitchen appliances
  2. Dorm room furniture
    1. Bed, desk, desk chair, closet, and drawers
  3. Cleaning Supplies
    1. Communal vacuums and disinfectant cleaners
  4. DirecTV
    1. In the common areas of living spaces outside the campus gates (houses and Willow Gardens)
  5. WASH
    1. Add-value machines are located in the Game Room of Steinert Campus Center (SCC)
    2. If a machine is no longer working, email Mandie Wall ( with the machine number, location, and a description of its error.
Campus Safety
Campus Safety is accessible to the FPU community 24/7, every day of the year. Our officers are available to assist you in lockouts, provide escorts to your vehicle, all while ensuring a safe and secure environment for every member of FPU. View Vehicle Registration Form
Community Values and Behavioral Standards
The Values and Behavioral Standards outlines FPU’s community expectations so that all members may thrive during their time as a Sunbird. View the Community Values and Behavioral Standards
Dining Services and Meal Plans
The dining hall in Steinert Campus Center (AKA: The Caf) works to provide quality food for each of your “all you care to eat” meals. In addition to regularly scheduled meals, the Caf offers takeout, sick trays, and catering services. View the Dining Services and Meal Plans
Disability Access and Education
Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, as amended in 1990), the Disability Access and Education office services as a liaison between students, faculty, and other campus personnel to provide individualized on-campus accommodations. View Disability Access and Education
Facilities and Work Order

The Facilities Department works to serve our campus through maintenance and upkeep. If something needs to be fixed, submit a work orders. (The more information, the better!).

Do not disassemble furniture on your own, please submit a work order! ($50 for disassembling furniture without Facilities).

IT Services

The IT Office (located in the basement of Kriegbaum Hall) oversees the campus’ WiFi, the Computer Lab, and provides basic assistance for FPU’s systems.

On-Site Counseling
On Site Counseling provides affordable, quality, site-based and school-based counseling services. View On-site Counseling
Residence Life and Housing Professional Staff
These professional staff members live on campus and provide hands-on guidance, conflict resolution, emergency on-call services, and leadership to all the residents. View Residence Life staff
Services Provided by Residence Life
Keys: If you locked yourself out of your room, please call Campus Safety at 559-453-2298 for assistance.

If you lost your key, visit the Residence Life Office located inside Student Development for a new key. (New keys cost $50).

Room Assignment Needs: View Room Condition Form

WASH Cards: These cards allow you access to the numerous washers and dryers located around campus. The add-value machines are located in the Game Room in Steinert Campus Center.

Sunbird Food Pantry
The food pantry is free and available to all FPU students. The pantry is staffed and is always accepting donations. View Sunbird Food Pantry
Academic Support Services (located in Marpeck) has many tutors and resources to assist you in best practices for your classroom experience. View Academic Support Services
What to Bring
Are you wondering what to bring? These lists should help. View Housing Information and Policies