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International Student Housing

Living On Campus

The residence life experience at Fresno Pacific University is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment where you explore new ideas and grow closer to God and your community. Please read this information closely as it contains vital information about becoming part of campus life at FPU.

As a Christian institution, FPU offers a different experience than a secular university. Students who attend this university are expected to observe the Christian morals and standards of conduct outlined in the Student Handbook.

Who may live in what kind of room?

Any officially admitted, single student under the age of 24 is eligible to apply for campus housing. The university believes that residence halls provide an educational benefit to students. The experience of living and participating in a residence hall enriches the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical life.

  • Age 16-19: residence halls (required)
  • Age 20-21: apartments or houses (required)
  • Age 21-23: apartments, houses (optional), or off-campus

Students under the age of 21 MUST live in university housing unless they live with their family or parental age relative.

Students over age 23 and graduate students must live off campus or request special permission to live on campus.

Fresno Pacific University does not discriminate against any student or prospective student on the basis of sex, race, religion, physical disability or national origin. No application for residence will be denied for these reasons.

What is the process to apply for housing?
  1. Once you are accepted, you will be given a Roommate Match Form to complete. Carefully read the housing information and complete the form.
  2. Return the completed form with a $200 housing deposit and a current photo no later than June 1. Applications received after June 1 will be considered on a space-available basis.
  3. Send the completed Roommate Match Form, $200 housing deposit, photo and Name & Address Release Form to:
    Fresno Pacific University
    1717 S. Chestnut Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93720

If your Roommate Match Form and deposit are received by the June 1 priority housing deadline, a letter informing you of your room assignment, the name of your roommate and detailed check-in information will be mailed to you. Students whose applications are received after the June 1 priority housing deadline will be notified by email or telephone.

Will I have a roommate? How do I find one?

Expect to have a roommate as there are only a few rooms designed for one person. If you know someone at the university that you want to live with, you can request them on the Roommate Match Form. BOTH roommates must state their roommate preference on their Roommate Match Form. Preferences stated on the form are taken into consideration, but are not to be understood as a contractual stipulation. If no request is made, once you have been placed in housing you will be matched with a suitable roommate in the best available living area. Roommate assignments will be made to students of the same gender.

Where can I live during the holidays?

The housing contract period is for the entire school year beginning with New Student Orientation in August through to the day after graduation in May, excluding Christmas break. All on-campus living areas are closed during holidays that are longer than 2 weeks (ex. Christmas). However, international students can stay in their assigned university housing for Christmas break. Students will be moved to a different location for summer housing. Christmas and summer housing is not included in housing fees and additional charges will apply. The International Office can help you find a place over the summer, if necessary. The cafeteria will not be open for meal service during the Christmas, summer and spring breaks.

What are the housing and meal plan costs?

The costs will vary depending on status, age and availability. Check housing options and meal plans here.

Can I choose where I want to live?

Your age will determine the type of housing you will be placed in. On the Roommate Match Form you can make a note of your preference. However, there are no guarantees that you will get placed where you request. Not all rooms are available at all times.

Are the living areas staffed with a resident house director?

One Resident Assistant (RA) is assigned per living area, and there are three Resident Directors (RD).

Resident Assistant:

  • oversees housing areas of 10 to 25 students
  • assists students in their daily needs
  • helps students get connected and build friendships on-campus

Resident Director:

  • oversees freshman/sophomore/upperclassmen, male/female living areas
  • supervises and equips RAs to serve students and fulfill job responsibilities
  • assists in restorative discipline cases
Are students allowed to keep alcoholic beverages, firearms or pets in their rooms?


What appliances/furnishings are permitted in the dormitory room?

The university provides a bed (extra-long twin size and usually a bunk bed), desk, chair, drawers, closet/wardrobe and mini-blinds for the the windows. The desks are equipped with a shelf and a desk light. They are designed specifically to accommodate a computer monitor and keyboard.

Students may bring a computer, telephone and answering machine, TV(there is no cable so an antenna is necessary), small refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker (w/ automatic shut-off). Only one of each item (except for a computer) is allowed per room, so check with your roommate to see who will bring which items.

Are freshman students permitted to live off-campus?

Yes, if they are at least 21 years of age or living with their parent(s) or parental age relative.

Do the living areas have laundry facilities?


Are students subject to curfew and how are living areas secured for the evenings?

There is no curfew on campus, but gates are locked in the evenings for security and are accessible for students by introducing certain codes. There are guy/girl hours in the living areas.

For more information about living on campus, please visit the Campus Life pages.

Living Off Campus

You may live off-campus only if you are age 21 or over, or if you live with your family or host family. Most people who live off campus have a car. However, there are a few apartment complexes within walking distance of the university. The Ranchwood Apartments are the most popular.

How much do off-campus apartments cost?

Depending on the location and number of rooms, apartments can cost anywhere between $500 to $900 per month. You must also pay for telephone and electricity. View apartment listings in Fresno.

Will someone help me to find an apartment?

Yes, the International Programs and Services Office will help you. Please tell them you need help at least one month before you arrive.

How can I find a roommate/apartment mate to live with me?

The Student Life Office and the International Programs and Services Office post announcements for people who are looking for a roommate/apartment mate. Finding a roommate is not guaranteed, so please be prepared to pay the full cost.

What will I need to bring or buy for an off campus apartment?

Just about everything! The International Programs and Services Office collects dishes, furniture and other household items that you may borrow on a first-come, first-served basis, but otherwise you will need to buy everything else. Plan on having about $1,000 or more to start.