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International Admission

Fresno Pacific University is a home away from home for international students coming from 40 different countries around the world. Our largest student populations come from Congo, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.

Besides the international students, Fresno Pacific University hosts approximately 1,400 undergraduates and 900 graduates. Most of the students are involved in sports, clubs, musical groups, missions and other activities.

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Every year international students share their diversity with the rest of the university in various celebrations:

Parade of Nations
On Thanksgiving Day, international students carry their country's flag on campus when going to the all school lunch. There each country is announced and diversity is celebrated with the entire university.
Light up the World
This is a culture sharing event organized by international students every semester. One will hear unique stories of international students while being immersed into different cultures through dócor, music, poetry, dance and much more. Desserts from all over the world are served during the event.
Intercultural Day
On this day, international students cook and serve food from their country. Everybody on campus is invited to enjoy the flavors of each country represented.

Most international students also enjoy being a part of FPU's International Club. This club is open to all students who are interested in getting to know students from different countries by learning about different cultures, religions and languages.

Visit our Facebook page to see the most recent pictures of international students and events on and off campus.