Commuter Life FAQ

Q. Where do I park?

A. Parking permits are available for purchase at the cashier’s window in McDonald Hall. The permits cost $50 per semester. Parking permits allow access to McDonald Lot, Hamilton Lot, and Jost Hall Lot. Students can park for free in Steinert Field Lot, Butler Church Lot, and on streets.

Q. Where can I purchase lunch?

A. Commuter students can eat in the Shehadey Dining Room for the same cost as resident students. Commuters also receive discounted lunches in the Shehadey Dining Room each Thursday ($3.50). Food is also available for purchase at Charlotte's Coffee Corner in the Alumni Hall and at other nearby off-campus locations.

Q. What else is there for me to do on campus?

A. Study spaces include the Commuter Lounge, Charlotte's Coffee Corner, Hiebert Library, AIMS Hall Atrium, and the computer lab (located in the basement of Kriegbaum). Recreational spaces include the Commuter Lounge, Charlotte's Coffee Corner, "the forest", "the green", and Steinert Campus Center (SCC). SCC includes a lounge, TV, vending machines, ping-pong tables, pool tables, and foosball tables.

Q. How can I stay connected and hear about what is available for commuters?

A. Commuter news and events are communicated through emails to commuters, TV advertisements in the Commuter Lounge, and the Fresno Pacific University website. The best place to find out about events is to check the Student Events Calendar.