Commuter Life FAQ

Q: Where do I park?

A: Parking passes for the Heaton, Jost, Chestnut and Hamilton lots can be purchased at the Cashier’s Office in MacDonald Hall. Parking is always free in the Butler Church lot, Steiner Athletic Complex, the adjacent gravel lot and on all city streets.

Q: Where can I purchase food?

A: You can purchase meals from the Shehadey Dining Hall or Charlotte’s Coffee Corner. The Shehadey Dining Hall offers weekly discounted lunches for commuter students. At-cost snacks are available in the Commuter House.

Q: What else can I do on campus?

A: Places for quite study include the Commuter Lounge, Hiebert Library and the computer lab located in the basement of Kriegbaum Hall.

A: Places for socializing and studying include the Commuter House, Student Lounge, Charlotte’s Coffee Corner, AIMS Hall Atrium and “The Forest.”

A: Places for games and recreation include the Commuter House, game room and “The Green.”

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