Wondering what to bring along with you to FPU? Below are some suggestions of common items that you might want to bring. Hopefully it will make your packing easier.

Must haves

  • Linens
    • Towels
    • Sheets (All living areas have twin extra long mattresses: 7.25" x 36" x 80".)
    • Blankets
    • Comforter
    • Favorite pillow
  • School supplies
  • Toiletries (including hair products, shaving items, toothbrush and toothpaste,etc.)
  • Medications/prescriptions
  • Alarm clock
  • Laundry and cleaning items
    • Laundry bag or basket
    • Laundry detergent, softener and stain remover
    • All-purpose cleaner/dusting supplies

Optional items

  • Appliances (Call your roommate over the summer to see who will bring the following items. Only one of each of the following appliances is allowed per room.):
    • Microwave oven
    • Small refrigerator (3.0 cubic feet maximum)
    • Television (There is no cable so an antenna is necessary)
    • Coffeemaker with automatic shut-off
  • Miscellaneous items:
    • Camera
    • Flashlight
    • Hangers
    • Iron (UL approved with automatic shut-off) and ironing board
    • Key ring
    • Long distance phone card (The phones on campus are for local calls only)
    • Stationary, envelopes and postage stamps
    • Umbrella
  • Personal items:
    • Bath mat (If you live in Jost Hall)
    • Bike (Bikes are not allowed in living areas and must be stored in a bike locker)
      • Contact Student Exec. at 559-453-2040 to learn more about bike lockers
    • Flip flops for shower
    • Shower caddy (One with holes in the bottom is best)
  • Room accessories:
    • Calendar
    • Computer (There are only two Ethernet connections per room.)
    • DVD player
    • Power strip(s) with surge protector
      • No major appliance may be plugged into a power strip.)
    • Posters, family photos, other room decorations
    • Small pins to hang posters, etc.
      • Nails, tape, hooks or other items that may permanently damage the walls are not allowed.)
    • Stereo/CD player
    • Wastebasket

What not to bring

  • Candles
  • Extension cords
  • Hot plates
  • Lofts
  • Pets of any kind
  • Toaster

Standard rooms include:

  • Standard desk with a chair
  • Wardrobe or closet
  • All living areas have twin extra long mattresses: 7.25" x 36" x 80"
    • Please use these dimensions when purchasing sheets as some extra long sheets will not fit. (Bed, Bath, & Beyond sheets with these dimensions do work.)

Note: No lofts are allowed on campus. At move-in, no furniture may be disassembled or assembled. Students may request through their RA's to have their furniture reconfigured by facilities management after the first week of school. All furniture provided by the university must stay in the room.

Don't forget to check with your roommate before arriving on campus!