Academic Support

To ensure each student has the opportunity to achieve academic and career success, we offer several programs and services for academic support. Each of these are available without additional costs or fees for our current students. 

The Academic Support Center (ASC) helps students achieve higher levels of academic performance by offering tutoring, academic coaching and study hall. This involves professionally trained students working with other students.

Disability Services works with students under the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) to ensure that students with unique needs have equal access to all educational experiences. This includes physical accommodations, modifications of classroom presentation, and modifications in testing and course requirements.

Mentoring and Advising is a critical piece to every academic program, and we feel it is at the very center of the undergraduate experience. We have designed a system that begins with each new students and continues through and beyond their graduation.

The Career Services Center (CSC) assists students and alumni in career assessment and development by providing guidance, training and resources.