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Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is easy to use. Read your textbook and complete all assignments online. 

What is Inclusive Access?

The Fresno Pacific University Bookstore has partnered with top academic publishers to bring forth interactive digital course material at deeply discounted cost in comparison to printed textbooks. Students can save up to 70% off the price of a new print textbook. 

Benefits for Students

Students can greatly benefit from all that Inclusive Access has to offer! Having access to interactive material - unlike printed text, can drastically change the student's experience in learning. We want students to have everything they need to succeed on the first day of class. The Inclusive Access model gives students immediate digital access to all their course materials for up to 70% off the price of a new print textbook. Additionally, specific program features such as interactive online assignments, multimedia presentations, virtual tutoring, and dynamic study and self-assessment tools give students everything they need to study well and succeed! Students whose course is enrolled in Inclusive Access, get immediate access to the required course material two weeks before class starts. In addition, students do not pay out of pocket at the start of school. Instead, the discounted course material fee is added to your Bursar's Account. The charge is placed on your account approximately a month after class starts. 

Benefits for Instructors

All students have their material on the first day of class, ready to learn. The enables the instructor to simply instruct. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Inclusive Access allows professors to facilitate learning beyond the classroom. With interactive online assignments, multimedia presentations, virtual tutoring, and dynamic study and self-assessment tools, professors can now have the most advanced educational tools available at their disposal. Faculty feedback will be taken into high consideration when deciding to implement this program into future courses.

Questions & Answers

What is Inclusive Access?

The Inclusive Access program is focused on improving student learning, course material accessibility, and reducing textbook costs. This program automatically gives all students in participating courses access to their course materials, in digital format, by the first day of classes at highly discounted prices.

Messages regarding this program will come from the Fresno Pacific University BookStore ( and (, so please WHITELIST these addresses.

Why enroll in an Inclusive Access course?

For students and their families, the process of obtaining the materials they need for college classes can be overwhelming and having those materials on the first day of class has a direct impact on academic success. No longer will students need to worry about getting the wrong book, getting the wrong edition, nor will they worry about spending time going through the process of purchasing their textbooks. With Inclusive Access, the books are available to students immediately and at the lowest possible cost.

How are Inclusive Access fees assessed?

Students are automatically opted into the program when they enroll in a course that has adopted Inclusive Access materials. Charges for course materials will appear on their student account after the add/drop deadline, generally two weeks after class starts. Inclusive Access fees vary from course to course, but generally the materials provided are discounted 10%-20% from the equivalent digital book format, and up to 25%-60% from the print book equivalents. 

What if I do not want to participate in the Inclusive Access program?

You may opt out of Inclusive Access materials by the deadline, and you will not be charged for the material. Your access to the materials will be revoked when the opt-out period ends.

IMPORTANT: You must proactively opt-out of the program by the deadline (2 weeks from class start date) if you do not want to use the materials. After the deadline, the charges will appear on your student account and failure to pay may result in an account hold.

How do I opt-out of the program?

To preserve student choice, there is a method to opt-out of receiving course materials through the Inclusive Access program; however, this is not recommended as the Inclusive Access course materials are provided at the lowest possible cost in the market.

If you choose to Opt Out of the Inclusive Access program and purchase your materials through another source, by the Opt Out Deadline:

Follow the link in your student specific welcome email from ( that contains program details and instructions for how to register for the Follett Customer Portal.


If you have already registered, log back into our Follett Customer Portal here and follow the prompts.

REMEMBER: You are still responsible for acquiring required course materials and doing all assigned readings and homework from them.

I can’t find my Inclusive Access welcome email.

Emails were sent to all participating students email address. If you did not receive an Inclusive Access welcome email, most likely you are not in a course that is enrolled in Inclusive Access. Please call the University Store at 559-453-2078 and we can verify your enrollment.

Can I opt back in after I’ve opted out of the program?

If you Opt Back In before the add/drop deadline, yes! If you have registered for the Follett Customer Portal and have made an opt-out decision, reversing that decision will follow the same process. Log into the Follett Customer Portal with your same credentials ( email) and select “Opt In” for the course you wish to Opt Back In in for.

Note: Your access to the course material should be reinstated within 24 hours.

I have opted out; will I be charged?

So long as you have made your decision to opt out of the Follett Customer Portal, you will not be charged for the materials. 

If I drop an Inclusive Access course, do I still need to opt-out or pay the fee?

No. Students who have dropped the course by the add/drop deadline do not need to Opt Out and will not be charged the fee. 

I am enrolled in an Inclusive Access course. How do I access my course materials?

If your course is enrolled in IA using a digital eBook with no courseware, you will receive an email in your student account from Brytewave.Redshelf, two weeks before class starts, with instructions on how to access your material. If you cannot find the email, go to this webpage and sign in using your student email address. If you do not have an account from a previous term, select "forgot password." Once in, your eBook is already loaded on your dashboard ready to read.

If your course is using Courseware, i.e., Connect, Achieve, MindTap, your instructor will post a link to your course in Moodle. Click on the link and you will be directed to the publisher site. Sign in using your student email address and your access will be granted. (Ask your instructor for assistance in finding the link if needed)

I would like a hard copy of my digital book. How do I go about acquiring one?

You will need to Opt Out of the Inclusive Access Program and either contact the bookstore or check the bookstore website for availability of physical books for your course.