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W. Marshall Johnston, Ph.D.

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences

Education history

  • Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania
  • M.A., Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania
  • M.A., University of Georgia
  • Secondary Certification, Georgia State University
  • B.A., Davidson College, North Carolina


FPU is a vibrant, supportive, multi-denominational community. There is room for lively academic and theological exchange. I get to work on and teach about early Christianity at the lower and upper division level, as well as with graduate students. I also have an opportunity to further my own and my students' understanding of the ancient Hebrews. As if these weren't enough, I get to teach more Greek and Latin than I have at any previous job. FPU provides a rare opportunity to combine faith and service, and in the process nurture the next generation of leaders in the Church and the world.

I live in the Tower District with my wife Pam--also a Classicist-cats and a dog. I drive to work in a grease car: a VW Jetta converted to run on soybean oil. 

Selected works

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