FPU is partnering with Students International to enable our students to spend a semester in Costa Rica. 

  • Earn credit for a semester of study
  • All costs covered through regular tuition plus room and board
  • Federal, state and FPU institutional grants and loans apply
  • Live with a Costa Rican family
  • Go on weekend excursions
  • Available to any FPU undergraduate student regardless of your major


One of the best parts of the Costa Rica experience is cost. All costs of the program, including round trip airfare and weekend excursions, are covered by regular FPU tuition plus $1500. All student aid, including institutional aid, federal government aid and California state aid, may be used towards your Costa Rica semester.

Credit and courses

Students may earn a maximum of 15 units of credit from the program—six units of Spanish credit, six units of focus series credit plus additional major units.

This program can be adapted for multiple majors: Spanish, intercultural studies, social work, liberal studies, business, environmental studies and art. With the addition of two or three classes at Fresno Pacific, this program can also be the basis of an intercultural studies minor. View a list of courses and descriptions.


Internships will provide students with 'real world' experience of living and working in another culture. Internships can be tailored to fit the needs of a variety of majors, including social work, psychology, intercultural studies, contemporary Christian ministries, sociology, liberal studies, business and others.

More information and videos about the internships are available here.


Students will stay with Costa Rican host families for the entire semester. Students will travel on several different weekends to various locations throughout Costa Rica to experience the tremendous variety that Costa Rica offers.

Application and Registration

If you would like to find out more information about the Costa Rica program please contact one of there persons below. If you are interested in applying for the Spring 2021 or Spring 2022 program please complete this application.

For more information, contact Ken Martens Friesen at 559-453-7126 or ken.friesen@fresno.edu or Angela Chapa at 559-453-2170 or angela.chapa@fresno.edu.