• Female music student

The minor in music will provide you with an introduction to musical training, offering the basic skills necessary for understanding and appreciating music.


  • Courses focus on music history, music theory and ear training, and popular American and church music.
  • Includes four semesters of private instruction and two semesters of experience in a performing ensemble.

Career opportunities

The minor in music provides training that can be partnered with many majors and interests to prepare you for work in creative fields such as teaching, children's ministries, missions and advertising.

Program director

Erik Leung, D.M.A

Assistant Professor of Music

Course listing

General Education Or Other Prerequisites (6 Units)

MUS-101*Elements of Musicianship3
MUS-102Music Appreciation3
or MUS-103Introduction to American Popular Music3

Students who demonstrate sufficient background (by exam) may waive MUS-101 Elements of Musicianship and proceed directly to MUS-110L Music Theory and Aural Skills. For students who require foundation studies in preparation for the theory course sequence, music faculty recommends MUS-131 Piano Class or MUS-135 Private Instruction in Piano, followed by MUS-101 Elements of Musicianship.

* Prerequisite for MUS- 110L. Requirement may be waived by passing the theory placement exam.

Required Courses (15-16 Units)

MUS-110LMusic Theory and Aural Skills4
MUS-210LMusic Theory and Counterpoint4
MUS-349Music Research1
MUS-400Music in the Church3

Select one of the following:

MUS-350Early Music History3
MUS-351Music History: 1725-19003
MUS-352Music History and World Music Since 19004

Music history courses should be preceded by MUS-349 Music Research and MUS-110L Music Theory and Aural Skills.

Applied Music (private Instruction) (4 Units)

Four semesters of private instruction on the same instrument and successful completion of the Level 1 Exam.

Ensemble (8 Units)

Four semesters of participation in a performing ensemble. All ensemble participation units may be taken in any of these ensembles:

MUS-115Vocal Performance Workshop2
MUS-116Concert Choir2
MUS-123Symphonic Band2

Up to 50% of all required ensemble units may be taken in any of these ensembles:

MUS-117San Joaquin Chorale2
MUS-118Vocal Ensemble (women's chorale, men's chorus or other approved vocal ensemble)2
MUS-119Pacific Chamber Singers2
MUS-120Instrumental Ensemble (brass choir, hand bell choir or other approved instrumental ensemble)2
MUS-121Jazz Band2
MUS-125University String Quartet2
MUS-127Woodwind Choir (flute choir, sax quartet, woodwind quintet)2