Tuition & Fees

The approximate cost to attend one year at FPU is $33,998.00. This includes tuition, student body fee, tech fee, and freshman housing only. Costs may vary depending on room and board and other miscellaneous fees.

A 2014-2015 cost worksheet and a housing rate sheet are available to help you determine your cost of attendance at FPU.

Tuition 2014 - 2015

12-18 units (full time) per semester $13,125.00
Part-time/overload (per unit) $938.00
Student body fee $144.00
Technology fee $50.00

Housing & Board (per semester)

Freshmen/Sophomore Housing
Modules - Full Access Meal Plan required $3,680.00
*Suites for sophomores (as available) - Full Access Meal Plan required
Junior Housing
Suite Only (medical meal plan exemption required) $1,815.00
Suites - 70 Block Meal Plan required $2,460.00
Suites - 140 Block Meal Plan required $2,985.00
Suites - Full Access Meal Plan $3,680.00
Junior/Senior Housing
East Hall & Kriegbaum Apartments
Apartments - room only $2,410.00
Apartments - 70 Block Meal Plan $3,055.00
Apartments - 140 Block Meal Plan $3,580.00
Apartments - Full Access Meal Plan $4,265.00
Houses - room only $1,815.00
Houses - 70 Block Meal Plan $2,460.00
Houses - 140 Block Meal Plan $2,985.00
Houses - Full Access Meal Plan $3,680.00
Willow Gardens Apartments*
Willow Gardens - 70 Block Meal Plan $2,550.00
Willow Gardens - 140 Block Meal Plan $3,075.00
Willow Gardens - Full Access Meal Plan $3,765.00
*Residents living in the houses or Willow Gardens Apartments may stay over Christmas break at no extra charge providing they are returning for spring semester. Otherwise, residents must check out at the regular fall check-out dates.
*Meal plan contract dates will follow the traditional semester.
Stand Alone Meal Plans
70 Block $645.00
140 Block $1,170.00
Full Access $2,330.00
For housing placement purposes only, class standing for the fall semester will carry throughout the entire year (both fall and spring semesters).

Miscellaneous Fees

Graduation application fee (seniors) $65.00
Health insurance annual fee (mandatory for students with 6+units) $TBD
Intercollegiate athletic fee (per semester) $95.00
Private music instruction fee (per unit) $400.00
Activity course fee (per course) $100.00
Parking permit per year (commuter only) $50.00
Late payment fee $50.00
Late registration fee $50.00
Late check-in fee $50.00
Return check fee $25.00
Regular service (per copy) $10.00
Rush (same day) $20.00
Overnight $30.00
Housing deposit $200.00
Confirmation deposit  
Returning students $150.00
New students $175.00