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Students who live off campus and commute to Fresno Pacific University are an important part of the community. Whether you have chosen to commute to save money or stay close to your family, we want you to make the most out of your college experience. In fact, studies show that the more you get involved in college life, the more satisfied you will be with your overall college experience when you graduate! Getting involved in Commuter Life will help you get the most from the Fresno Pacific University experience.

GROW personally
Education is more than knowledge. Each year, you can take advantage of opportunities to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual health as well as develop your personal character, sense of vocation and commitment to serving others.

CONNECT socially
College is a shared endeavor. College is challenging and is not meant to be done alone. You will have many opportunities to experience community, develop lifelong friendships and build a network of supportive peers.

SUCCEED academically
A degree is a long-term investment in yourself and your family. We know how important your education is to you. You can expect the Commuter House to provide amenities and staff to help meet your unique needs and support your success.

Please, continue to browse the events and amenities available for commuter students. If you have questions regarding Commuter Life, you may contact us at