Commuter Life BBQ
Commuter Life Local Events

Commuter BBQs

What better way is there to get to know your fellow students than to enjoy some hamburgers and lawn-games together? Several Commuter BBQs are planned for each semester. We hope that these are a chance to refuel throughout the semester and stay connected with your fellow commuters.

Commuter Trips

One of the best parts of being a college students is the chance to make memories and experience new things. This is why the Commuter Council makes sure to plan commuter trips. Each trip is based on the request of current commuter students but Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, and Monterey are always popular choices.

Welcome Home Events

At the start of each semester, commuters are welcomed “home” with an event designed to help commuters start off on the right foot. We typically offer snacks, a survival-kit, and a chance for commuters to catch up (or get to know) one another. We hope that campus becomes your home away from home.

Local Events

Each year, the Commuter Council plans local events for our commuter students. Whether we are bowling, mini-golfing, or watching a movie, it’s always great to spend some time together off campus. Check the Student Events Calendar for upcoming events!