Fresno Pacific University offers numerous opportunities for students to develop their skills, talents and gifts through leadership and service. Read on to see how you can make an impact at FPU!

Commuter Council

The Commuter Council is composed of commuter students who work under the leadership of the Director of Commuter Services. Council members attend senate meetings, represent commuter student needs to the university, and keep commuters informed of campus opportunities. The council also helps plan activities and social event for commuters.

For more information about the Commuter Council, please contact Jesse Torres or visit the Commuter Life page.

Intramural Board

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not there are opportunities on the intramurals board for students who want to be involved in making things happen. We’re looking for people who can be creative, organized, dependable, and dedicated. With nearly 1000 students to plan for, there is a lot to be done. But it is not just about work—it’s also about a sense of accomplishment for a job well done and the satisfaction of seeing your friends and fellow students getting out there and mixing it up. Plus, as a member of the Intramural Board, you will be part of a great team!

For more information about the Intramural Board, please contact Rachel Barcelos.

Peer Mentors (PMs)

PMs are non-freshman students who play an important role in delivering FPU’s first year experience. They work in the areas of new student orientation, freshman seminar classes, and one-on-one meetings with freshmen. PMs provide leadership and make contributions to the lives of freshman. If you have strong academic abilities and are interested with working with faculty and freshmen students, then the PM position may be for you!

For more information about Peer Mentors, please contact Lynn Reinhold.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

If you have a strong Christian commitment and the desire to share it with others… if you have a teachable spirit with a desire to serve others… if you want to grow as a leader, then we want you as a Resident Assistant. Come journey with us where we think about life change.

Resident Assistants assist students as they acclimate to living on-campus by serving as role models, counselors, and mentors for students.

For more information about Resident Assistants, please contact Residence Life.

Residence Life Peer Ministry Leads (Leads)

Leads are responsible for implementing the Peer Ministry Assistant program. Their main function is equipping Peer Ministry Assistants to minister in their respective living areas, and their role is that of a mentor and supervisor. There are two Peer Ministry Lead positions each year, and they work under the direction of the Residence Director overseeing Residential Peer Ministries. For more information about the Peer Ministry Lead position, please contact Residence Life.

Residence Life Peer Ministry Assistants (PMAs)

PMAs are volunteer representatives selected from each living area who desire to make a strategic personal impact on the spiritual, relational and academic welfare of those living in their specific living area. They are trained and equipped by the Peer Ministry Leads and work with the Resident Assistant of their living area to provide weekly spiritual formation programming (i.e. Bible Studies, Prayer Nights, Community Service, etc.) There is one Peer Ministry Assistant position available per living area (as overseen by one Resident Assistant). For more information about the Peer Ministry Assistant position, please contact Residence Life.

Residence Life Ministry Event Coordinators (Coordinators)

Coordinators are student leaders who program weekly all-campus events for spiritual formation. Working under the direction of the Residence Director overseeing Residential Peer Ministries, the Coordinators plan two types of events: a weekly time of teaching and worship and a monthly worship night. There are three Ministry Event Coordinator positions available each year. For more information about the Ministry Event Coordinator position, please contact Residence Life.

Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board (SAB) mission is to promote student involvement through a holistic program of activities and events that will enhance personal development, academic success and community with others. The board consists of students who are hired through the leadership application process. The board functions as a team in planning, implementing and evaluating events that enhance the rich experience of Fresno Pacific University students.

For more information about Student Government, please contact Rachel Barcelos.