College Success Strategies

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College Success Strategies (CP-118) gives you an honest look at what college is really like. If you struggled in high school, previous college experience, or never had to work for good grades, you will benefit from learning effective academic strategies that will help you not only survive college, but also thrive in college and become a lifelong learner. In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to understand unfamiliar academic language used by professors and textbooks
  • How to read and study a textbook—and remember and understand what you read
  • How to take notes in class that will help you learn
  • How to study for a test without depriving yourself of sleep
  • How to take a test—and how not to freak out while doing it
  • How to manage your study time to get good grades and still have fun
  • How to navigate the university system and take advantage of services
  • How to become realistically confident of your academic skills
  • How to discover the confidence, motivation, and skills to do your best

Course Information

This class is 1-unit and will meet the first half of the semester. Course material will be delivered both online and in-person. This class unit will count toward graduation, but as an elective, not as part of the general education or major requirements. The benefit to you is progress toward graduation.

Please contact Kerry Sue Brown for more information at or (559) 453-2059.