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One-on-one tutoring is available to students for writing assignments across all disciplines, as well as for help with general education subjects. Sessions are approximately 50 minutes long, and are available by appointment and through the drop-in service. Call 559-453-5585 for an appointment.


Our writing tutors will work with students as many times as needed in all stages of the writing process. Beyond helping students write better papers, our goal is to help them become better writers. Consequently, our approach is to involve students in the process of developing, organizing and clarifying their papers. To this end, we will provide help with grammatical and spelling issues, but we do not provide proofreading services.

Writing tutors are available during all open hours.

General Education Subjects

Our subject tutors emphasize collaborative methods of learning to help students more effectively process and comprehend class lectures, activities and homework assignments. It is our goal to provide tutoring for all regularly scheduled, general education subjects, such as math, chemistry and biology. If we are not providing a tutor for a particular subject, students are encouraged to inquire about the possibility of receiving such support. Please take note, however, that tutoring is provided in response to the general needs of the student population.