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FPU Freshman Orientation 2015
FPU Freshman Orientation 2015

New student orientation will immerse you into FPU’s community in fun and memorable ways whether you’re an incoming freshman or a Transfer student.

For freshmen there are events for you and your parents on the first day on campus which include a Parents Only Session, the President’s Dinner and a Bunko Party. After you’ve said farewell to your parents, you’re off to Hume Lake for the Freshmen Retreat which will be an experience you’ll never forget! You’ll spend time with Faculty and peer mentors, build new relationships and gain valuable insight on what to expect during your freshman year at FPU.

If you’re a transfer student, you’ll have your own day to engage in all things FPU including a campus tour, information fair and quality time with faculty from your major. Also, there is a course especially for transfer students to help you in your transition to FPU. In CP 252 -College Transitions & Success for Transfer Students, you will connect with students, faculty, & staff, discover leadership strengths, appreciate your unique blend of passions and develop practical skills to jump-start your career. Take advantage of this opportunity and add CP 252 to your education plan!  

All students are required to attend orientation, visit the links below to read full schedules and register.


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