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“Spiritual Formation” is woven through academic programs, residence and commuter life, Student Government Association, campus clubs and organizations, and all other programs and university gatherings. As a Christ-centered University, we seek to continually be made aware of and participate in God’s transformative love. While we are rooted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite Brethren tradition, FPU is comprised of diverse faith backgrounds. Therefore, we strive to be a place of radical inclusion for all, whether you identify with a specific stream of Christian faith, if you are unsure what role spirituality plays in your life, or even if you hold convictions that differ from historic Christianity.

College Hour

“College Hour” at FPU refers to community gatherings, whether in large or small groups, to learn, celebrate, and worship through music, the arts, prayer, and public discourse. All Traditional Undergraduate Students are eligible to receive .5 units of credit each semester for participating in 14 College Hour events or gatherings, which are listed here:

BC Lounge
Mondays: Pray Together

Mondays at 10 am in the Strasborg Quad (behind the Office of Spiritual Formation) - join us for ‘Pray Together,’ a time to be centered on God, God’s word, and to pray for one another, the church, etc. Led by student chaplains, FPU faculty and staff, and other guests and local pastors.

Butler Church
Wednesdays: Chapel

On Wednesday at 10 am, the FPU community gathers for College Hour, which most often resembles a Chapel service. This typically includes various forms of Christian worship, a focus on bible teaching and stories of transformation, though it can also take the form of a panel discussion or lectureship. Previous Chapel events are recorded and uploaded to our College Hour Blog.

BC Lounge
Fridays: Chirp

On Fridays at 10 am, students gather in the BC Lounge for “Chirp,” which is a roundtable discussion on topics and matters important to the life of students, such as issues related to mental health, diversity and racial justice, financial well-being, and more.

The College Hour schedule for Fall 2021 can be found here. For more information contact

Spiritual Care and Pastoral Support – FPU has a team of individuals (faculty, staff, and/or upper-class students) ready to meet with you for spiritual care, particularly during times of spiritual, emotional, and religious needs. Spiritual Care and support can include prayer, encouragement, pre-marital counseling, help with discernment, etc.* This is not intended to replace counseling or therapy with professional/certified counselors and/or clinical psychologists, which can be accessed by contacting On-Site Counseling at (559) 453-8050. To meet with our staff for spiritual care and pastoral support, please complete the following form.

* The Campus Chaplain and On-Site counselors are confidential employees when operating in their respective positions on campus, meaning, they are not required to report incidents of sexual misconduct if you would prefer this information to be confidential.

Worship Team – As a campus that seeks to be and become a diverse worshipping community, FPU is always looking to expand worship opportunities and teams on campus. For more information about or to join the worship team(s), please click here.