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Nomination Form for Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship Awards

FPU’s Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) programs are pleased to accept nominations for new VPA scholarships of $2,000/year. Multiple scholarships will be awarded.

FPU is looking for students who demonstrate promise in music (vocal and/or instrumental), theater and visual arts, service through their giftings, and the willingness to be a part of the VPA program at FPU. This award is open to all enrolled traditional undergraduate students, not just VPA majors or VPA minors. Class enrollment and participation is required for the award.

Please complete the nomination form below. Students nominated will receive information about next steps within 2 weeks of receipt.

Nomination Information
Nominee Information
Students will receive information about their nomination within 2 weeks of submission along with information about the process.

To be eligible to receive a scholarship, students must be admitted to FPU, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 2, and audition or submit required portfolios by April 1. Students applying late may be reviewed on a rolling basis as funds are available.  If awarded students will be required to enroll each semester in a designated VPA class. This is open to students enrolling in a traditional undergraduate program.