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Brian Schultz, Ph.D.

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences

Education history

  • Ph.D., Jewish Studies, Bar Ilan University, Israel, 2007
  • M.A., Ancient History of Syro-Palestine, Jerusalem University College, Israel, 2000
  • B.A., Biblical Studies, Briercrest Bible College, Canada, 1990


I have lived in Europe, Asia and North America. I have been a tree-planter, a grain bin builder, a children's camp director, a pastor, a tour guide, an archaeologist and more; but what motivates me most is understanding the Bible better, especially when read in the original languages and in the light of other contemporaneous literature.

Read about Brian Schultz's Hebrew course and learn about the Israel study tour he is leading this summer.

Selected works

  • “Homework Activities for Bolstering Reading Comprehension” National Association of Professors of Hebrew at SBL’s Annual Meeting, virtual, Dec 2, 2020.
  • “Teaching Hebrew Discourse Analysis: Pedagogical Considerations” at ETS’s Annual Meeting, virtual, Nov 16, 2020.
  • Pedagogy webinar for biblical Hebrew faculty held virtually via Zoom, June 12, 2020.
  • Review of John Kampen, Matthew within Sectarian Judaism, Mennonite Quarterly Review 94 (2020): 267–268.
  • Pedagogy workshop for biblical Hebrew faculty at Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, California, June 3–6, 2019.
  • War Scroll, pp. 531–535 in T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism, Vol. 1 eds. Daniel M. Gurtner and Loren T. Stuckenbruck (London: T&TClark, 2019).
  • Milhamah (M), pp. 322–324 in T&T Clark Companion to the Dead Sea Scrolls, eds. George J. Brooke and Charlotte Hempel (London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2019).
  • Living Biblical Hebrew: An Instructor’s Manual (co-authored with Scott McQuinn and Benjamin Kantor, Jerusalem: Biblical Language Center, 2019).
  • Living Biblical Hebrew (co-authored with Randall Buth, Scott McQuinn and Benjamin Kantor, Jerusalem: Biblical Language Center, 2019).
  • “Cognitive Linguistics, Stoneware, and How to Read κατά in John 2:6” with Randall Buth at SBL’s Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, Nov 23, 2019.

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