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David Jones, Ph.D.

School of Education

Education history

  • PhD Human Development, Fielding Graduate University, 2021
  • MA Human Development, Fielding Graduate University, 2019
  • MS Educational Leadership, California State University-East Bay, 2018
  • MS Counseling & Student Services, California State University-Fresno, 2011
  • BS Research in Developmental Psychology, University of Michigan-Flint, 2008

External links

Selected works

  • Jones, D. R. (2022). Reclaiming disabled creativity: How cultural models make disabled creativity legible to creativity studies. Culture & Psychology.
  • Strohmayr, W. P., & Jones, D. R. (2021). Grief and unraveling in romantic we-relationships. In V. Bentz & J. Marlatt (Eds.), Deathworlds to lifeworlds: Collaboration with strangers for personal, social, and ecological transformation. DeGruyter.
  • Jones, D. R. (2021). Untangling literacies that compound the graduate classroom: Accessible digital slides and syllabi. In F. Fovet (Ed.), Handbook of research on applying Universal Design for Learning across disciplines: Concepts, case studies, and practical implementation (pp. 72-96). IGI Global.
  • Jones, D. R. (2020). A comparison of success trajectories among students with varying abilities. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 33(4), 375-385.
  • Jones, D. R. (2019). Modulations by nontraditional students to overcome imposed withdrawal. Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 67(2-3), 97-108.
  • Jones, D. R. (2017, January/February). Statewide teacher increase relies on substandard permits. Leadership Extra, 148-158.
  • Jones, D. R. (2016). A proposed systems model for socializing the graduate writer. Studies in Higher Education.