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Nathan Carson, Ph.D.

School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences

Education history

  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, 2013
  • M.A., Philosophy, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, 2010
  • Th.M., Interdisciplinary Studies, Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2007
  • M.C.S., New Testament Studies, Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2005
  • B.A., Religion and Music, Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington, 1998

Selected works

  • "Pilgrimage of the Lost Self: Malaise, SacramentalSigns, and Intersubjectivity in WalkerPercy’s The Second Coming" Pacific Journal (2016)
  • “Getting into the Game of Tradition-Constituted Moral Inquiry: Does MacIntyre’s Particularism Offer a Rational Way In?” International Philosophical Quarterly, March 2014
  • "Poetic Representation and Existential Time: On Kierkegaard's Reduction of Literary Art to Subjective Communication," History of Philosophy Quarterly, vol. 30, no.3, July 2013
  • "Passionate Epistemology: Kierkegaard on Skepticism, Approximate Knowledge, and Higher Existential Truth," Journal of Chinese Philosophy, vol. 40 no.1, 2013
  • "Transformation in the Wasteland? Remembrance, Naming and Charitable Action in the The Road," Film and Philosophy vol. 17, 2013
  • "Walker Percy's 'Theory of Man' and the Elimination of Virtue," In Peter Lawler and Brian Smith (eds.) A Political Companion to Walker Percy. Series: Political Companions to Great American Authors, Patrick Deneen (ed.) University of Kentucky Press, 2013
  • "Kierkegaard and Confucius: Congruence on relational selfhood, harmonious agency, and ethical relation to others," First International Conference on Kierkegaard and Chinese Culture, Hong Kong, May 2013
  • "Kierkegaard on Approximation Knowledge and Existential Truth: An Incompatibilist Interpretation," American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meeting, Seattle, Washington, 2012
  • "Appreciating Virtuous Activity: Rethinking the Traditional Virtue-Continence Distinction," Baylor University Graduate Colloquium, 2012
  • "Getting into the Game of Tradition-Constituted Moral Inquiry: Does MacIntyre's Particularism Offer a Rational Way In?" International Society for MacIntyrean Inquiry, 5th International Conference, Providence College, 2011
  • "Thick Ethical Concepts Still Cannot Be Disentangled: A Critical Response to Payne, Bloomberg, and Blackburn." American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2011
  • "The Concept of Appreciation and its Ethical Dimensions," Baylor University Philosophy Club, Baylor University, 2011
  • "MacIntyre's Particularism about Practical Rationality: Does it Cosign Fragmented Modern Selves to Homelessness?" 44th Anniversary Meeting, North Texas Philosophical Society, University of North Texas, 2011
  • "The Fragmented Modern Self and the Problem of Tradition Allegiance: A Critical Defense of MacIntyrean Resources for Inquiry," Society of Christian Philosophers Mountain-Pacific Regional Conference, George Fox University, 2011
  • Review of Essays on the History of Ethics by Michael Slote, Oxford University Press, in The Review of Metaphysics, vol. 63 no.4, 952-954, 2010

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