Marriage and Family Therapy

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The Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) prepares you with the knowledge, skill, and insight to practice counseling in a clinical setting. This program integrates theology, theory, personal formation and professional practice. This program is ideal for any student desiring to help in the healing process of those who have experienced hurt, pain and hardship in life. The program prepares you and covers the content areas required for the California Marriage and Family Therapy licensure exams.

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  • Purposeful community of learners and leaders
  • Experienced and published faculty
  • Theologically diverse student body
  • MFT and ministry students integrated in foundational courses
  • Option to study in Israel each summer
  • Option to attend the Hispanic Summer Program
  • Diverse practicum opportunities
  • Online courses available
  • Fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • In 2018, our MFT students passed the Licensed Clinical Exam at a rate of 71% and the Law & Ethics exam at a rate of 100%.

Career opportunities

Graduating with an MFT degree from the Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary prepares you for California licensure* as a therapist. FPU Biblical Seminary graduates work as therapists in private counseling centers, their own private practices, county mental health facilities among other places. After graduation, you will continue the 3,000 hour internship requirement for CA state licensing; once the hours are completed you may then apply through the Board of Behavioral Science to take the Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy exam

Program director

Cynthia McGrady, Ph.D.
Cynthia McGrady, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Program Director, Marriage and Family Therapy


Adam Ghali, Ph.D.
Adam Ghali, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

autumn lindberg
Autumn Lindberg, LMFT

Adjunct Faculty of Marriage and Family Therapy Program

David Bruce Rose
David Bruce Rose, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Valerie Rempel, Ph.D.
Valerie Rempel, Ph.D.

Dean of the Seminary, Associate Professor, J.B. Toews Chair of History and Theology, Interim Vice President

Mark Baker
Mark Baker, Ph.D.

Professor of Mission and Theology

Tim Geddert, Ph.D.
Tim Geddert, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, New Testament

Lynn Jost, Ph.D.
Lynn Jost, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, Old Testament, Director of the Center for Anabaptist Studies

Admission requirements

Course listing

Required Courses (65 Units)

Biblical/theological Studies
BIB 709Bible Knowledge Requirement Seminar0
BIB 720The Church and God's Mission in the World *3
BIB 725Understanding, Interpreting, and Teaching Scripture2-3
BIB 760Theology for Integration *3
THEO 712Story of the Church & Its Theology2-3
Practical Studies
COUN 710Introduction to Counseling1
COUN 721Professional Ethics in Counseling3
COUN 726Human Development3
COUN 728Family Violence1.5
COUN 730Clinical Assessment3
COUN 732Aging and Long-Term Care1
COUN 734Counseling Families3
COUN 736Counseling Children2
COUN 736LCounseling Children Lab1
COUN 740Psychopathology3
COUN 744Research, Testing and Family Assessment2-3
COUN 747Counseling Individuals and Couples: Modern Theories2
COUN 747LCounseling Individuals and Couples: Modern Theories Lab1
COUN 748Counseling Individuals and Couples: Postmodern Theories1
COUN 752Human Sexuality3
COUN 754Group Counseling1-3
COUN 755Contemporary Issues in Counseling1
COUN 756Grief Counseling1
COUN 759Psychobiology and Psychopharmacology0.5
COUN 760Substance Abuse1
COUN 764Trainee/Practicum Assessment0
Personal/Social Formation
COUN 724Interpersonal Communication3
COUN 738Person, Family, and Culture2
or COUN 750D
Cross-Cultural Counseling: Los Angeles *
or Cross-Cultural Counseling: San Francisco
or 1.5
or COUN 750C
Cross Cultural Counseling: Fresno *
or Cross-Cultural Counseling: International *
or 1.5
COUN 704Discerning Vocation and Calling1
THEO 730Discipleship and Ethics2
COUN 792Summer Practicum 1 - Optional Course, depending on Practicum placement.1
COUN 793APracticum I3
COUN 793BPracticum II3
COUN 790
or COUN 799
Advanced Family Studies *
or Thesis *
or 6
MIN 770Ministry Discernment0

*Must be an FPU Biblical Seminary course.