Pupil Personnel Services

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You can select from three options within the pupil personnel services (PPS) program. We offer offers two credentials, three master of arts degrees and a certificate.


  • Evening classes
  • Small class sizes
  • Flexible schedule for both returning part-time professionals and traditional full-time students

Career opportunities

PPS school counselors and school psychologists from FPU are well-prepared for work in school settings including public, private and child development organizations. Candidates with master's degrees may also work in higher education settings.

Course listing

Required Courses

PACS-736Institute in School Peer Mediation Program Development2-3
PPC-700Comprehensive School Counseling and Guidance3
PPC-702AAcademic Planning2
PPC-702BCareer Planning2
PPC-703Prevention and Intervention for Achievement3
PPC-707Organizational Systems and Program Development3
PPC-775Seminar in Learning Theory3
PPC-791Practicum in School Counseling1
PPC-792Field Experience4
PPS-704Counseling Applications in School Settings3
PPS-705Family-School Collaboration and Consultation3
PPS-708Counseling for Diversity3
PPS-710Assessment and Measurement3
PPS-712Laws and Ethics3
PPS-713Safe School Environments3
PPS-714Practicum in Group Process3
PPS-715Leadership and Change3
PPS-717Seminar in Behavior Pathology in Schools3