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What are the STEM Learning Communities?

STEM Learning Communities (SLC) at FPU are intimate groups of likeminded students who will study together, learn together and create relationships that can last long after graduation. Participating in a SLC can give you an advantage in competitive fields such as pre-med, software engineering and pre-physical therapy. You and your SLC will prepare for college level courses through a summer program which will allow you to meet your fellow students and start your learning online. Your SLC will be with you every step of the way your entire freshmen year. A faculty mentor and two upperclassmen will also work alongside you to ensure your success.

Benefits of the program

  • Participation in this program is free, plus you will earn one college credit.
  • Jump start on college level Math, Biology, and Chemistry classes.
  • Begin working and building relationships with STEM faculty.
  • Earned access to loaned textbooks for STEM fields.
  • Meet and begin working with your STEM Learning Community before school begins.


  • July 18: 9:00AM-4:00PM at FPU for team building and activities for your whole family.
  • July 19 – August 16: Work with your STEM Learning Community online with opportunity to earn college credit and get a jump start on General Biology, General Chemistry, or Math
  • August 19 – August 22: Orientation & retreat with the whole FPU first year class.
  • August 24: Classes begin including your STEM Learning Community courses chosen at registration.
  • August 2020-May 2021: STEM Learning Community continues with intensive support setting up the most competitive collegiate career possible.

Expectations & Requirements

  • Attend the STEM Learning Community event on Saturday, July 18: From 9:00AM-4:00PM at FPU for team building and activities for your whole family.
  • Approximately 10 hours per week will be required during the online class portion for study and assignment completion.
  • Contact with faculty mentor and coach during the summer.
  • A computer or smart phone is required. (Please contact if you do not have access to either a computer or smart phone.)

How do I register?

You have been automatically selected and enrolled based on the major you selected. The next step is to confirm your attendance and participation.

Confirm my attendance


  1. Why should I participate in FPU’s STEM Learning Community? You can get a head start on college-level courses and start forming key relationships that will help you succeed both in college and in your future career.
  2. Are there any costs for the program? No, participation in this program is free.
  3. How many hours of work are required for the online portion? Approximately 10 hours a week of work are required to complete group and individual assignments.
  4. Will there be any tests or exams? There will not be any tests or exams, but assignments will be due weekly.
  5. Will I receive a grade or a pass/fail for the online course? Pass/fail.
  6. What do I need to do to pass the class and earn the credit? You need to  participate in all online activities (including turning in all assignments on time) in order to pass the class and get the credit.
  7. If I have a scheduling conflict on July 18, can I still participate? Contact the STEM REALM office at to discuss your options.
  8. Is there a computer/software requirement to participate? Yes, you are required to have a computer or smart phone. If you do not have access to either, please contact for alternative options.

For any questions please contact the STEM REALM Office

Phone: 559-453-2217