College Hour: College hour is a time of worship and fellowship with members of the university.

As Christians, although diverse in race and ethnicity, religious thought, age and generation etc. we have something in common, “…we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body—whether Jews or Gentiles, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink. Even so the body is not made up of one part but of many.” We come in unity to worship our God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during the college hour.

As a community we want to give opportunities for members to appreciate various styles of worship and dive into the Word. We pray that our College Hour Programs held weekly will be spiritually formative for you and bring you closer into the fold of Fresno Pacific.

College Hour program will be held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 10AM. You can find various approved programming on campus to receive college hour credit – refer to the program director to ask if CHC is provided. 

"But Jesus looked at them and said, “For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible."
—Matthew 19:26 NRSV


Mondays: Worship at the Cross

10 AM @ The Forest

Worship @ the Cross is a program held in Alumni Plaza (the Forest) located central of main campus. Here will be held a time of worship and devotional.

Wednesdays: Chapel

10 AM @ Butler Church

In the 2019 – 20 year we will be looking at the Book of Mark.

The community will gather @ Butler Church for Chapel to worship and dive into the Word. Both the University Pastor and Associate Pastor will be leading this journey through the text. 

A Holy Narrative is another program of College Hour where we will be going through stories of spiritual formation. We will hear testimonies of community members through the eyes of biblical characters that have inspired growth, encouragement and lessons.  

Dawn Chorus is our time as a community of sunbirds to worship our Divine Creator. 


Fridays: Chirp

10 AM @ BC Lounge

Friday’s at 10am we will be hosting Chirp, a roundtable talk about important issues in the community. Special Guests can include staff, faculty, students and administrators.


26MClasses Begin
28WAngulus Wilson, University Pastor (Mark 1, 2)
30FGen Z & ...Sex
02MLabor Day (University Holiday)
04WBrian Davis, Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formantion (Mark 3)
06FGen Z & ...
09MManna Moment Essentials
11WA Holy Narrative with guest, Melanie Howard, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
13FGen Z & ...
16MKick Off (7 Weeks of Prayer) Manna Moment Relationships
18WState of the University, Joseph Jones, Ph.D.
20FStudent Government Elections
23MManna Moment Fellowship
25WThe Book of Mark, Chapter 4 
27FDawn Chorus, All Worship
30MManna Moment Service
02WA.J. Swoboda, Ph.D., Pastor, Author, Professor "The God who Hovers: The Holy Spirit, vocation, and calling."
04F75 Years of Fresno Pacific, Kevin Enns-Rempel
07MManna Moment Prayer
09WJoseph Jones, Ph.D., (Mark 5, 6)
14MManna Moment Spiritual Formation
16WFall Break
18FFall Break
21MManna Moment Social Justice
23WA Holy Narrative, Francisco Carrillo
25FGen Z & ...
28MManna Moment Peacemaking
30WMaher El Hajj, National Director for Youth for Christ: Lebanon
01FGen Z & ...
06WRicky Sanchez, Multiply Thailand Missionary (Mark 7)
08FGen Z & ...
13WCindy Jurado Hernandez, Director of Diversity & Inclusion (Mark 8)
15FDebra Rush, CEO of Breaking the Chains
20WA Holy Narrative, Kerry Sue Brown
29FThanksgiving Friday
04WChristmas Carol Sing