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Study Abroad with Partner Organization Application Form

Please fill out the following form in order to reserve your spot to study abroad with an FPU Study Abroad Partner organization.
Personal Information
Partner Program Information
Please note that if you are applying for an FPU-organized study abroad program there is a different application form.
To what FPU study abroad partner organization do you plan to apply?
Do you know the total cost of the program, including tuition, room and board?

Please note the following

  • Check with your advisor/mentor about the feasibility of studying abroad to complete your major/minor
  • Check with your financial advisor to find out the total cost of this program if you are not sure. In most cases the cost is listed on the program web site. You are able to use your federal and state grants and loans to study abroad. You not able to use FPU institutional aid to study abroad through these partnerships.

Once you press "Submit," your information will be sent to the global education coordinator, from whom you will receive a note with further details. If you do not receive a note, please contact:

Ken Friesen
Professor of History and Int't Studies
Global Education Coordinator
(559) 453-7126