Please follow the detailed payment instructions below when using Western Union:

1. Fill out the Form I-901 online at A payment coupon will be generated upon completion of the form.

2. Print a copy of the payment coupon and take it to your local Western Union.

3. Fill out the Quick Collect/Quick Pay Form according to the information found at the bottom of the printed coupon. Example below:

  • Company Name (or Code City): SEVISFEE 
  • Account Number: Coupon Number (ex: 010222013872390) 
  • Amount: 350.00* 

*Please note that the payment amount may differ according to your specific visa type. 

4. Present the coupon and your payment to the Western Union agent for processing. Payment will be linked to your Form I-901 and your online payment confirmation will be available immediately at

Important Information for Nonimmigrant Students and Exchange Visitors:

  • You must complete the Form I-901 online at prior to visiting your local Western Union. Completing the form online will generate a unique coupon number that you will need to validate and process your I-901 SEVIS fee payment at Western Union. You cannot submit a payment via Western Union without the coupon number. 
  • You do not have to print and bring the coupon to Western Union; you only need the unique coupon number in order to submit your payment.
  • If a third party is paying your I-901 SEVIS fee on your behalf, you will need to provide them with your coupon number to enter into the Account Number field of the Western Union Quick Pay/Quick Collect Form.