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Drama Scholarship Application

Drama Scholarship awards are based upon evidence of artistic, academic, and leadership potential. They are awarded with the understanding that recipients will actively participate in the Theater program’s production season.

 APPLICATION DEADLINE MAY 1st for following school year: applications may be accepted after the deadline should funds be available.

Contact Information
Scholarship area of intertest
Acting requires student to audition and be available for productions each semester and participate in the Company, $2500-4000. Stage Managing requires student to stage manage productions each semester and participate in the Company, $2500-4000. Technical Theater requires student to provide technical support for productions each semester and participate in the Company, $1800-3000.
All Scholarship students must register for THTR 115/315 Drama Practicum: The Company and attend weekly production meetings—Thursdays, 12:40-1:50— as part of their scholarship commitment.
Interest and Expertise
Select those roles which interest you in the "Interest" column. Select those roles with which you have had some experience in the "Expertise" column. Select both for those roles for which you have both interest AND experience.
Theater Experience
Describe your theater experience from school, community theater, church, or camp contexts. When listing involvement in plays, please identify play titles, roles/assignments, and dates.
Other Scholarships Applied for
Identify any other FPU scholarships you are applying for or have received (e.g., President’s or Provost’s scholarship, Music scholarship, Athletics scholarship, et cetera).
Co-curricular Activities
Please identify any additional teams, clubs, musical groups, or work experiences you plan to be involved with. (Acting and Stage Managing scholarships are awarded with the understanding that the applicant will keep their weekday evenings available for rehearsals and free from job or other obligations.)
Explain why you are interested in participating in the Theater program at Fresno Pacific University
Eligibility and Intended Scholarship Period

You must have and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to be considered for the scholarship.

I am eligible for the FPU scholarship and am interested in a scholarship for:
Letter of Recommendation
The applicant must submit a letter of recommendation by May 1 from someone other than a family member who can comment on your theater activity and your character and academic/ leadership ability. Please check periodically with this person to find out if they have sent the letter. Please email the letter directly to the program director,

Acting Audition: Prepare 2 audition monologues. Monologues should be memorized, approximately 1-1.5 minutes each, one serious and one comic. You may audition in person or send an electronic version of the audition; contact the program director to make an appointment.

Stage Managing/Technical Theater Interview:  Contact the program director to arrange an appointment.

Program Director: Brandi Martin
Phone: 559-453-7190

Audition Format