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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Career Development Center located and when is it open?

We are located in Room 126 of the Campus Life Office inside the Steinert Campus Center. Our hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and evenings by appointment. We are open during most academic breaks unless the entire university is closed.

Who does the Career Development Center assist?

We work with all FPU students—any major, any class year. We also assist alumni, employers, faculty and staff.

What does the Career Development Center do?

We help students make informed decisions about majors and careers. We also assist with locating part-time and full-time employment opportunities, finding hands-on experience and developing solid job search and interviewing skills.

Can the Career Development  Center help in choosing a major?

While we don't provide academic advising, we do provide resources for self-assessment. Discovering your interests, personality style, values and skills may aid in choosing or clarifying a major. Start by visiting Step One: Self Assessment for more information or stop by our office and speak with a career counselor.

Does the Career Development  Center offer help with resumes and cover letters?

We have excellent resources available to help you write a resume and cover letter. Attending a workshop is a great place to start or check our online resources. Once you have your resume and/or cover letter in hand, we can help by providing professional advice and personalized feedback. Schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor.

Are appointments necessary?

You are welcome to drop by the career center any time!  However, with an appointment, you can let your counselor know ahead of time the area you need support with and make the most out of your time and receive remarkable services. To schedule an appointment, simply send your request by email to or call at (559)453-2220.

Can the Career Development  Center still help after graduation?

We gladly assist FPU alumni! Services are free of charge. To schedule an appointment, simply send your request by email to or call at (559)453-2220.

When is the best time to register with the Career Development  Center?

No registration is required to receive career counseling services. Although FPU career counseling does not require registration, CDELC utilizes online platforms which require login credentials such as Handshake and StandOut (more info below). We encourage all students to take advantage of our services whether they are seniors or freshmen but beginning as early as possible ensures a well-developed career plan.

What is Handshake?

Handshake is an Internet-based tool that helps students search for all types of jobs: on-campus employment, part-time/full-time jobs, internships, and graduate assistantships. To maximize available opportunities students should register no later than one semester before their graduation date. However, it is best to register as a freshman.

What is StandOut?

StandOut is a mock video interviewing platform to help you practice and improve your interviewing skills. Use your FPU login credentials and follow the steps to create your account. To get started, we recommend you first meet with a career counselor to guide you through the mock interview steps.

Can the Career Development  Center help in finding jobs and internships?

We have listings for on-campus, part-time, full-time, and summer jobs, internships, and graduate assistantships. Check out jobs and internship opportunities available on Handshake. Also check our Job Search Strategies for information, techniques and additional job listings.