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Graduate School

If you want to gain the competitive edge you need in today’s job market, challenge yourself and contribute meaningfully to your field, considering graduate school to obtain an advanced degree may be your next step.

Earning a graduate degree can help you expand or change your career, increase your income, become a respected expert, pursue your love for learning, grow in a stimulating environment and interact with like-minded individuals. However, it requires a tremendous amount of work and likely costs a great deal of money. Weigh these factors when deciding whether to attend graduate school:

  • Cost | Can you receive financial aid/assistance from your family or employer?
  • Potential Income Loss | Will you attend school part-time while working, or can you afford to not work, knowing it may increase your future income?
  • Prolonged Hard Work & Mental Effort | Are you ready to take on the intense but rewarding work that comes with a graduate education?
  • Relocation | Are you willing to possibly move for a program or greater success?
  • Relationships | Are you willing to give up your social life for a few semesters?

If you’re unsure whether to pursue a graduate degree, talk to other individuals such as:

  • People who have the job and degree that interests you
  • Graduate students at various stages of their education in that field of study
  • Professors who teach in that field of study

Graduate School Resources