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Internship Program

The internship program at FPU provides a valuable opportunity for both employers and students. Employers gain a committed staff member chosen from a pool of highly motivated and talented students who can complete projects and assignments in a cost-effective manner. Internships also offer employers a way to recruit, screen and train potential permanent employees at a reduced cost before making a long-term commitment.

As an employer participating in the internship program, you provide students with the valuable opportunity to develop practical skills and knowledge in a real work setting--an experience they are able to put on their resumes.

Employers are required to:

  • Provide regular supervision to the intern.
  • Have expertise in the area in which the intern is working.
  • Complete an evaluation of the intern's work.
  • Work with the intern to develop their learning objectives by providing projects and activities.

Interns may work as regular part-time or full-time employees while earning academic credit. Each unit of credit requires 60 hours of internship.

How to Hire an Intern

  1. Call the CDELC Director at 559-453-2220 to discuss your interest in an intern.
  2. Develop a job description for the internship. In the description include the duties, requirements and application procedure.
  3. Send your internship announcement to us in one of the following ways:
    • Online through FPU’s job board Handshake 
    • By mail: Fresno Pacific University 
    • Career Development Center 
    • 1717 S. Chestnut Ave. 
    • Fresno, CA 93702
    • By fax: 559-453-7147
    • By Email
  4. Follow your internship hiring practices.
  5. A university representative will visit your site during the student's internship.