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Mission and Purposes

The mission of the Council of Senior Professionals is to serve as a senior resource group to the sponsoring institutions and the larger church and community, and to support each other as members, both individually and collectively, in pursuit of continuing (a) inquiry and learning, (b) research, writing and other creative work and (c) service to the university and seminary, church and world.

Purposes include the following

  • Intergenerational learning. As a senior presence in the university and seminary communities, members of the council are available to students and faculty as guest lecturers in classes, consultants, research advisors, career counselors and simply as partners in dialogue on matters of interest and concern.
  • Interdisciplinary inquiry and discourse. As senior scholars, artists, leaders and thinkers, the council is a community that actively engages contemporary issues of concern to the educational community, church and society through conversation, “think tank” types of activities and projects, forums and other forms of public discourse.
  • Interpersonal dialogue. As a community of inquiry, learning and scholarship, the council provides settings in which members have the opportunity to share and test their work with fellow members and learn from each other through more formal occasions such as seminars as well as more informal interpersonal interactions and social occasions.