Communication - Communication Studies Emphasis

Communication encompasses many disciplines and career fields, including those in media and digital arts, scholarly writing and journalism, advertising and the internet. The communication studies emphasis provides a broad introduction to these disciplines.

Unique Features

This program offers a wide range of courses, covering the many topics that make up communication studies. Core topics include group dynamics and leadership, and media and society.

Our Graduates

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in communication studies provides a solid background for entry-level work advanced study in film, cinema, literature, advertising journalism and media, and organizational development.


Required Courses (6 Courses, 18 Units)

  • COM-410 Media and Society (3)
  • COM-430 Group Dynamics and Leadership (3)
  • LIT -395 Text and Performance (3)

Select three of the following:

  • COM-330 Writing and Reading Journalism (3)
  • COM-345 Composition Theory and Writing (3)
  • COM-346 Scriptwriting (3)
  • COM-350 Visual Rhetoric (3)
  • COM-355 Media Aesthetics (3)
  • COM-360 Digital Video Production (3)
  • COM-370 Audio Production (3)
  • COM-380 Film Studies (3)
  • COM-385 Cinematography: Visual Story Telling (3)
  • COM-390 Creating on the Web (3)
  • COM-420 Conflict Management and Resolution (3)
  • COM-440 Performance and Culture (3)
  • LIT -449 Literature and Film (3)
  • MGT-350 Organizational Theory (3)
  • MGT-352 Organizational Communication (3)
  • MKT-307 Advertising and Promotion (3)
  • SOC -350 Marriage and Family (3)

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