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With the school counseling and school psychology dual program, you can complete your California pupil personnel services (PPS) credentials in school psychology and school counseling, and earn your master of arts in school counseling and school psychology. You’ll gain expertise in assessment and intervention, as well as the knowledge and skills to develop and implement comprehensive guidance and counseling programs. The third year of the program includes a 1,200-hour school psychology internship, along with master’s-level courses.


  • Small class sizes
  • Experienced and highly rated university faculty
  • Blended schedule with courses in class and online
  • Includes both academic classroom training and applied field experience
  • Our grads are sought by top districts

Career opportunities

Graduates are equipped with the necessary expertise in assessment and intervention, as well as the knowledge and skills to develop and implement comprehensive guidance and counseling programs as school counselors and school psychologists.

Program directors

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Eileen M. Whelan, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Associate Professor, Education, Program Director, School Psychology

Dena Fiori, Ed.D.

Dena Fiori, Ed.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Program Director, School Counseling


Jonathan Gage, Ed.D.

Jonathan Gage, Ed.D.

Pupil Personnel Services Program Director, Bakersfield, Clinical Assistant, School of Education

Admission requirements

*One to two typed pages providing a statement of career goals and a description of how participation in the graduate program will contribute to your growth and development of these goals.

* *Candidates must bring unofficial transcripts from all universities/colleges attended to interview with program director.


  • Introduction to Statistics
  • General Psychology
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Introduction to Counseling Theories

Course listing

Required Courses

PPC 700Comprehensive School Counseling and Guidance3
PPC 702AAcademic Planning2
PPC 702BCareer Planning2
PPC 707Organizational Systems and Program Development3
PPC 791Practicum in School Counseling1
PPC 792Supervised Field Experience1 - 6
PPP 716Psychological Assessment and Prescription for Linguistically Diverse Students3
PPP 718Behavioral Assessment/Intervention3
PPP 720Seminar in School Psychology3
PPP 722Assessment I3
PPP 724Assessment II3
PPP 734Early Intervention and Behavioral Assessment3
PPP 771Experimental Design and Behavioral Research3
PPP 793Supervised Practicum Experience1 - 4
PPS 704Counseling Applications in School Settings3
PPS 705Family-School Collaboration and Consultation3
PPS 708Counseling for Diversity3
PPS 710Assessment and Measurement3
PPS 712Laws and Ethics3
PPS 713Safe School Environments3
PPS 714Practicum in Group Process3
PPS 715Leadership and Change3
PPS 717Seminar in Behavior Pathology in Schools3
PPC 703Prevention and Intervention for Achievement3
PPP 791Practicum in School Psychology1
PPP 794 -Internship2 - 8
PPP 739Advanced Behavior Assessment: Application to Autism Spectrum Disorder3

Master of Arts Core (Third Year)

ED 779Values in School and Society3
PPS 777ATopical Review of Education Research3
PPS 777BField Based Research1 - 3

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