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Communication–– the sharing of ideas and feelings through written, spoken, performed and mediated messages––is fundamental to the human experience. The art of communication requires us to use language, images, behavior and the environment to express experience in its complexity and continuity. Through the focused study of communication, you will develop expressive, interpretative, persuasive and analytic strategies to understand connections with others and the world.


This program requires an emphasis


  • Core courses in communication theory and rhetoric with individual emphases in media and film study, multimedia production or communication studies
  • Participation in The Syrinx, the student newspaper at FPU, and The Green Light, a creative writing publication
  • Required internships in social media, marketing, tutoring, public relations, business, writing, non-profit organizations, churches and mentoring.
  • Senior project with one-on-one faculty tutorial and research experience
  • Study opportunities with the CCCU programs Strategic Communication in the American Studies Program, Washington, D.C., and Film Studies in the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Hollywood, CA.
  • Opportunity for study abroad

Career opportunities

Our graduates have careers in public relations, college admissions, social media, production, church media, journalism, teaching and graduate study. The major provides understanding of human interaction leading to success in multiple settings including religious, entrepreneurial, educational, non-profit, government and NGOs.

Program director

Billie Jean Wiebe, Ph.D.
Billie Jean Wiebe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication and English

Course listing

General Education Prerequisites

or COM-110A/B
Written Communication
Written Communication I and II
COM-120Oral Communication3

Required Courses (7 Courses, 19-21 Units)

COM-368Ancient and Medieval Rhetoric3
COM-400Intercultural Communication3
COM-450Communication Theory3
COM-455Philosophy of Language3
COM-496Communication Internship1-3
COM-460Projects in Communication3