Contemporary Christian Ministries Minor

  • Female and male students in classroom

Contemporary Christian ministries explores practical forms of service in church and para-church ministries. The minor allows you to develop knowledge and skills in another area of interest while preparing for ministry.


  • The contemporary Christian ministries minor introduces you to the core concepts and understandings of the major, emphasizing the importance of practical involvement in ministry.

Career opportunities

By providing an environment of study that integrates learning with service, the contemporary Christian ministries minor will prepare you for service and employment in a broad range of ministries and service-oriented organizations.

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Course listing

Required Courses (10-12 Units)

MIN 200Perspectives on Contemporary Christian1
MIN 360The Church in an Urban World3
MIN 379Spiritual Formation2
MIN 383Introduction to Youth Ministries3
MIN 482Contemporary Ministries Practicum1 - 3


Select a minimum of 7 units from the electives provided in the major.