Exercise Physiology

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Prepare to be a highly qualified professional in the fitness industry (i.e. corporate fitness), certain areas within allied health care (i.e. cardiac rehabilitation) and athletic performance enhancement (i.e. strength and conditioning). This emphasis will also prepare you to pursue graduate studies in exercise physiology or related academic disciplines.


  • The curriculum follows academic program and content recommendations from reputable professional organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine,the American Society of Exercise Physiologists & the National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • You will have a solid foundation for many of the higher-level professional certifications these organizations offer.

Career opportunities

Potential career paths include certified personal trainer, health/fitness instructor, exercise specialist, registered clinical exercise physiologist, aerobics instructor, certified strength and conditioning specialist, as well as positions in a research lab.

Course listing

Note: Emphasis courses are additional courses that are to be completed alongside the general education and parent program requirements as dictated by the Fresno Pacific University catalog. Please review the course requirements for baccalaureate programs and the general education summary in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Emphasis Courses (16-18 Units)

KIN 270Nutrition3
KIN 395Sport and Exercise Psychology3
KIN 441Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription4
KIN 441LFitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription Lab0
KIN 451Exercise Programming for Fitness and Performance3
KIN 451LExercise Programming for Fitness and Performance0

Choose one to two courses of advisor-approved electives (3-5 units)

Program director

Don Diboll
Don Diboll, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Kinesiology


Devin Beasley, Ed.D.
Devin Beasley, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Amy Brogan
Amy Brogan, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

FPU Faculty Headshot
Fay Nielsen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Kinesiology