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The media and film studies emphasis explores video, journalism, literature and film from different perspectives, offering you hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the impact of these forms of communication.


  • Through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), students choosing this emphasis have the opportunity to spend a semester studying at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center.

Career opportunities

The media and film studies emphasis will provide you with a valuable introduction to journalism, literature, digital production and film, and prepares you for internships and careers in the ever-growing media and film industries.

Course listing

Note: Emphasis courses are additional courses that are to be completed alongside the general education and parent program requirements as dictated by the Fresno Pacific University catalog. Please review the course requirements for baccalaureate programs and the general education summary in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Emphasis Required Courses (18 Units)

COM 330Writing and Reading Journalism3
COM 350Visual Rhetoric3
COM 355Digital Video Production I3
COM 380Film Studies3
COM 410Media and Society3
LIT 449 or
COM 375
Literature and Film or
Documentary Studies


The Los Angeles Film Studies Center Program (CCCU) may fulfill 9-12 units in the emphasis.

Program director

Billie Jean Wiebe, Ph.D.
Billie Jean Wiebe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Communication & English, Program Director, Communication


Adam Schrag
Adam Schrag, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication