• Student wearing Fresno Pacific shirt with sunbird molds clay with pottery wheel for work surface
  • Student painting pink lips on portrait on canvas

A Studio Art minor will complement any major you choose by expanding your creative thinking and abilities and increasing your knowledge and studio art skills in art-making, design and art history.


  • Interdisciplinary coursework exposes you to a wide range of creative and artistic knowledge.
  • Opportunities to develop your creative, studio art and design skills.
  • Courses allow flexibility in tailoring to your artistic interests and applying them to specific career paths.

Career opportunities

A Studio Art minor can enhance any major by providing an increased knowledge and skill-set in the application of studio art mediums. You’ll gain a basic understanding of studio art mediums and applications, art history and creativity. This knowledge can enhance a variety of niche professional career paths. Examples of pairing other majors with this minor are: Psychology Major with Studio Art Minor (Art Therapy), Liberal Studies Major with Studio Art Minor (Arts Educator).

Transferring to Fresno Pacific

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Course listing

General Education Prerequisites (6 Units)

Select two courses from the list below

ART 110Art Appreciation3
ART 140Drawing I3
ART 150Principles of Design3

Required Core Courses (21 Units)

ART 120Painting I3
ART 170Sculpture I3
ART 180Ceramics I3
ART 365Color Theory3
ART 370Life by Design3

Select two courses from the list below

ART 320Painting II3
ART 330Art and Religion3
ART 340Drawing II3
ART 350History of Western Art I3
ART 355History of Western Art II3
ART 380Ceramics II3
ART 440Exhibition and Gallery Design3
ART 460World Art3
ART 475Career Development3