Financing Graduate School

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How do I apply for aid?

Don’t Pay Money to Complete the FAFSA! The FAFSA is a free application. Fill it out at Other sites may charge you.

What other types of financial aid can I receive?

Aid from Other Federal Agencies

To find out about funding from agencies other than ED, visit

State Aid

Find state grant agency contact information at

School Aid

To find out what aid your school offers, contact its financial aid office.


Check out the links below for more information. If you plan to attend FPU for your graduate studies, there are several scholarships available at FPU Scholarships. Click FPU Private Scholarships to learn more about private scholarships.

Key Points to consider when taking out a student loan

  1. Finance your education with free money first (scholarships and grants), then earned money (work-study) and, finally, borrowed money (federal student loans). Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept the full loan amount offered. You may request and borrow a lower amount.
  2. Is it a federal loan or a private student loan? Go to to learn more.
  3. What are the terms and conditions of the loan? Understand what you’re signing up for. Understand the terms of your loan and keep copies of your loan documents.
  4. How will the amount you borrow in student loans affect your future finances, and how much can you afford to repay? Learn more at Use the financial aid awareness counseling tool at 
  5. Have you heard about Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)? Learn about loan forgiveness programs at

For more information, please contact FPU’s Financial Services Office at 559-453-2041,, or visit their website at