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Admission to the University

Applicants with disabilities should complete FPU’s admission process. Each application will be evaluated without discrimination. A student may choose to self-disclose a disability during the admission process, but such disclosure is not required nor is it penalized.

We encourage students with disabilities to contact the office of Disability Access and Education to discuss academic and other needs before the beginning of their first semester or as soon as they are diagnosed with a disability. Once documentation is on file, arrangements for reasonable accommodations can be made.

Students’ names and the nature of disabilities will be kept confidential, except in cases where the information is vital to providing services and/or accommodations requested by a student.

Students who choose not to self-identify when they enter FPU do not forfeit their right to request and receive services later. However, the university is not obligated to provide accommodations or services for students with disabilities until the student registers with the office of Disability Access and Education.

How to apply for accommodations at Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University does not have the personnel to evaluate disabilities of any kind. Students are responsible for all fees and services necessary to provide diagnosis and documentation.

  1. Download forms on Disability Forms page.
  2. Fill out the appropriate forms
    • Alternative Format Text Request & Agreement use this form only if you need textbooks in an alternate format (i.e. audio, large print, electronic).
    • Application Short Form everyone needs to complete this form to apply for services.
    • Confidentiality Waiver everyone needs to complete this form
      • You may choose to provide the name of a family member or someone else who you want our office to be able to talk to about your disability and accommodations.
      • You may choose to write N/A and sign the document in order to maintain your right to complete confidentiality.
    • Audio Recording Agreement use this form only if one of the accommodations you are requesting is permission to record lectures.
    • Verification of Disability everyone needs to supply this information but do NOT fill out this form yourself!
      • If you already have an official document from your doctor/psychologist, that document may suffice.
        • Documentation must be current.
        • Contact the director for questions regarding how recent the verification must be.
      • If you have had accommodations at a previous educational institution, documents from that institution may suffice.
      • If you do not already have a document that verifies your disability, please take this form to your doctor/psychologist.
    • Request for Release of Information use this form to send to another office or institution requesting that they send confidential information relating to your disability to Fresno Pacific University.
    • Service Animal Registration/Emotional Support Animal Request & Housing Accommodation: use this form if you need either a Service Animal on campus or an Emotional Support Animal in on-campus housing.
  3. Return all necessary and relevant forms to Disability Access and Education via one of the following
    • Drop off forms to Melinda Gunning through the Academic Support Center in Marpeck 105 on the main campus of the University.
    • Scan and email the documents to .
    • Ask the front desk staff at an FPU regional center to scan and email documents.
    • Fax to (559)453-7210.
    • Send through U.S. Postal service to:
      Melinda Gunning #13
      Fresno Pacific University
      1717 S. Chestnut Ave.
      Fresno, CA 93702
  4. Make arrangements to have a conversation with the Coordinator of Disability Access and Education, Crystal Shipley-Gutierrez, to discuss what accommodations are appropriate to meet your needs.
  5. Once a list of educational accommodations has been approved, a memo will be sent to all current semester professors via email. A copy will be sent to you.
  6. Near the end of each semester, an email will be sent to you asking if you wish to continue receiving accommodations for the next semester.
    • If you reply in the affirmative, your accommodations memo will be sent to all professors at the beginning of the next term.
    • If you do not reply, our office will NOT send your accommodations memo.

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