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Becoming a Teacher

You can still name that teacher, mentor or coach who impacted your life. At Fresno Pacific University, we’re ready to equip you to become that scholar, professional and leader for the next generation. When you combine your passion with our reputation, you’ll be sought after by local districts. FPU is committed to your success and ensuring you have the skills needed to impact your students.

The Teacher Education Program offers credential programs to candidates like you, interested in teaching general education in the elementary and middle school classroom (multiple subjects) and specific subjects at the middle school and high school levels (single subject).

Our Liberal Arts and Liberal Studies bachelor degree programs provide a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills for future teachers. With the incorporated courses, students can also waive their Multiple Subject CSET exam. We’ve also developed pathways in the field of STEM with our science concentration to expand your teaching career opportunities to the middle and high school grades.

After completing the requirements for a preliminary credential, FPU graduates can extend and deepen their understanding of effective teaching strategies and curriculum analysis by enrolling in 12 units of post-credential coursework during the first 5 years of teaching, earning a Master of Arts in Teaching. This program is accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and recognized by private schools as well.

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